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Ajax ON Canada Doggy Dental Cleaning - Ajax ON Canada Doggie Dental Hygiene -  Dog Oral Hygiene


Your Ajax ON Canada pets depend on their teeth to eat and chew properly and routine oral health care is the key to maintaining good teeth and gums.

Ajax ON Canada Doggy Dental Cleaning Company:

6258 Free Puppies Drive, Ajax ON Canada
At Ajax ON Canada Sparkle Bark your dog will be treated with kindness, patience and respect, no sedation used.  We schedule 2 full hours so we can take our time with your dog, give breaks and not PUSH to 'get it done'.  We are dog lovers too, and our interest is extending the life of your doggie through a healthy mouth ( swallowed bacteria WILL damage internal organs and shorten your dogs quality of life and life expectancy). 3 locations to suit, Roz spent many years in 'people' dentistry and so your dog will not just get the best and most thorough cleaning around, but we aim to check teeth and gums for further issues.  Roz will also give you tips on maintaining your doggies teeth after the appointment and until thier next visit!  We take your trust seriously !

The constant buildup of plaque and bacteria will lead to calculus formation and inflammation of the gums. Even a freshly cleaned or brushed tooth can attract bacteria and proteins from saliva. This forms plaque that coats the teeth in thicker and thicker layers. Plaque is soft, off-white, and can be easily wiped or brushed away. If nothing is done within 48 to 72 hours, calculus is deposited on this plaque film and the result is calculus, a hard yellow-brown crust that cannot be wiped or brushed off. In turn calculus leads to loose, painful teeth and bad breath.

In addition, the toxins from periodontal disease are a huge burden on the immune system. Some of the bacteria infecting the mouth can work its way into the bloodstream and may infect the heart, liver and kidneys, creating micro-abscesses. This low-grade chronic infection accelerates the aging process – potentially stealing years from your pet's life. Because of the serious complications of dental disease, we encourage regular brushing of your dogs teeth and regular cleaning and scaling.

Oral hygiene has perhaps been the most neglected area of pet health care. Less than 4% of pet owners brush their pet's teeth. Yet it is estimated that 90% of pets over 2 years of age have significant mouth disease and 50% of them require immediate attention.

Regardless of your Ajax ON Canada pet's age, it is never too late to get started with good oral home care.