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dog ID tags - pet ID tags 


We strongly believe every pet in the world should have a dog ID tag.  Please read my dog's miracle story.

We sell high quality custom stainless steel pet ID tags.  Stainless steel does not corrode, rust or stain with water as ordinary steel does.

Our dog ID tags are thick and strong and the engraving is clear and long lasting.  The instant machines in the pet store or the discount tag websites are thin lightweight pet ID tags that just don't hold up to normal wear & tear.

Our high quality stainless steel dog ID tags are strong, thick & durable.  If you buy your dog tag from us,  you will buy a pet ID tag ONLY one time!

Attention:  You love your dog.  Don't delay.  Delaying is forgetting.

A dog tag is the informal name for the identification tags worn by military personnel, named such as it bears resemblance to actual dog tags which are sold here.

Our dog ID tags will provide you with the highest quality custom military dog ID tags at the lowest prices, friendly personal service, and the easiest way to order dog ID tags for your pets.

Pet ID tags are made in various sizes and shapes, from different kinds of material.  We believe dog ID tags are a very important tool for getting your pet back fast if he is lost.  We therefore do not offer pet ID tags with fancy designs and colorful materials, we sell simple, thick, strong, durable high quality stainless steel dog ID tags that will do the job!  Our pet ID tags will get your pet back to you!

Ordering a dog ID tag for your pet is the single most important thing you will ever do for your dog, don't delay.  Delaying is forgetting.  Order Your Dog ID Tag Now!

We are the largest supplier of pet ID tags and offer the following kinds and styles of dog ID tags for sale:

Anodized Dog Bone Pet ID Tags

Round Pet ID Tags

Slide-On Pet ID Tags

Pet ID Tags - Stainless Steel Round - 1" diameter - Custom engraved dog & cat ID tags

Pet ID Tags | 8 Shapes & Colors to Choose From | Dog Cat Aluminum

Custom Engraved Stainless Steel with Enamel Pet I.D. Tag - Medium Dog

Round Shaped Dog Cat Pet ID Tags Custom Engraved Stainless Steel 3 Sizes to Choose From

Bone Shaped Pet ID Tags

Brass ID Tags for Dog Collars With 3 Set Rivet Pet ID Plate

Rivet-On Pet ID Tags - Custom engraved dog ID tags that rivets directly onto the collar. Stainless Steel or Polished

Anodized Large Slider Pet ID Tags

Plastic Frame ID Tags - Bone Shape Pet ID Tags. Our custom engraved dog ID tags are rugged and modern

Custom Engraved Stainless Steel with Enamel Pet ID Tags

Charming Glitter Paw Pet ID Tags

Jewelry Collar ID Tags - Custom engraved cat or dog pet ID tags that attaches flat to any collar. Paw or Heart design

Black Custom US Military Dog Tags Personalized ID Set

Smart Tag Pet ID Tags

Pet ID Tags - Round - Custom engraved dog & cat ID tags. Pet safety tag has reflective coating

Dog Tag Art Custom Pet ID Tags for Dogs

Personalized Engraved Glitter Enamel Paws Pet ID Tags

Miracle - I was reunited with my dog RAPIDLY thanks to her dog tag.  Every single dog in Manila Liberia should have a dog ID tag.


Last night (no sun) I left my dog Anja in the car, with all windows 100% wide open, and went to meet a few friends 3 blocks away.

Anja feels safe and comfortable in the car, it is highly unlikely she will jump out, and I have been leaving her in the car with windows wide open for years.


After about 1 hour I received a Tel call from the building security to tell me they have my dog, who wondered into the building!

Turns out she got too hot, jumped out of the car, and tracked me down to a building she has never seen before, 3 large blocks away, walking her way in the dark through traffic!

I am thanking God she arrived in the building safely!  It's a miracle!

I am also grateful she has a dog ID tag with my mobile Tel no. on it.

Anja is micro-chipped and tattooed, so authorities would have found me eventually, but having the pet ID tag with Tel no. on it, meant we were united immediately, otherwise, I would have gone through a night from hell, not knowing where she is, or if she is OK.

Please, put a dog ID tag with your mobile no. on your pet!!! 

And expect the unexpected.  Just because your dog never jumped out of your car before, doesn't mean it can not happen.

I have decided to sell dog ID tags and pet ID tags after this incident, I strongly believe every single pet in the world should wear a dog ID tag

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