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Free: Everything for Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa dogs, pets, K9 & puppies: A Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa free listings directory for pets, K9, dogs & puppy services. Every Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa pet, puppy, K9, doggy & dog related free service is listed here free.

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Featured Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa dog walker company:

The Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa Urban Dog Walker
A professional Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa dog walking service that provides you with the safe knowledge your much loved dogs are being exercised and cared for during walks. My emphasis is on play, exploration, good behaviour and socialisation which will have your dogs sleeping in their beds for the rest of the day. As a Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa dog walker I operate in the areas of Highgate, Muswell Hill, East Finchley, Hornsey and Crouch End. I only walk small groups of dogs, no more than five at a time, as I believe that it is important to be able to give them the individual attention that they need. Dog walks take place in the many beautiful green spaces of Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa including Highgate Woods, Hampstead Heath, Queens Woods, Alexandra Park and Trent Park.  Walks can be arranged on a daily or ad-hoc basis and with more and more people working longer hours my dog walking service takes away the stress of leaving your dog at home alone.  I also offer a 'let out' service for those that simply require their dogs to be let out into the garden or fed. I am fully insured and police checked and these documents can be viewed at the free consultation.

Featured Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa dog walkers:

We are Vittoria & Enrico in Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa . How did we become dog walkers? We are dog behavior students, we have a huge passion for pets, dogs & puppies. Dogs evolved from ancient wolves. Thanks to dogs, humans ,could evolve themself as much as dogs did with human cooperation. For example: wolves actually can't bark. This is an "exclusive" dog behavior that has been developed by these wonderful animals just to help us hunting, guarding, working and paying attention to them. This means that we are strictly connected to each other. A dog's communication is based to maintain calm and to avoid conflict in the "pack". These packs are proper families; for example "alpha" dog doesn't eat first every time, he/she uses positive reinforcement avoiding the negative one. We are the genetical leaders of these great creatures, the only thing we need is to observe, understand and use dog language (basically body language) with a lot of LOVE and RESPECT.  A good dog trainer knows dog's PSYCHOLOGY!  Dogs are powerful animals. They requires a lot of exercise and positive reinforcement discipline. We really would love to walk your dog or puppy because we LOVE pets & everything that turns around their world : training, breeds, behavior, environment, veterinarian and health care, communication, fitness, etc. Besides being dog walkers, we are also dog trainers and pet groomers.

Featured Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa dog walking company:

Lady & The Hound Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa Dog Walking:
Leave your best friend with someone you can trust.  Let me create a healthy & happy lifestyle for your pet.
With Lady and the Hound you can rest assured that your best friend will be with someone both you and your dog can trust. If you work full time and can't give your dog the exercise and socialization they need during the day, then you need a dog walker! Giving your dog a happy and healthy lifestyle is what we love to do, so you can enjoy a more balanced and relaxed pet at home. We welcome all breeds of dogs.

Featured Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa Puppy & Dog Trainers, Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Company:

Yogi Pups & Purrs Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa Dog Training  
Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa,
Yogi Pups & Purrs is a Dog Training, Dog Walking & Running and Pet Sitting Service. We at Yogi Pups & Purrs also believe that every living thing has a soul and deserves consideration, your dog or cat included. We know how hard it is to maintain tranquility in our fast-paced world and that is why we are here. As a Yogi utilizes Prana to maintain inner tranquility, we use positive reinforcement training techniques to maintain a healthy relationship and good communication between you and your four-legged friend. Positive Reinforcement: Modern training techniques no longer accept the out-dated notion that punishment and humiliation produce desirable results. And neither do we. Instead of focusing on your dog's bad habits, we encourage what your dog is doing right, fostering trust and goodwill. In the long run, this strengthens the bond you share and makes the learning process an adventure, which rewards you both. Positive reinforcement techniques will produce right results with any dog, regardless of age or temperament. At Yogi Pups & Purrs, we believe that good leadership is about partnership and love. Yogi Pups & Purrs offers: Basic manners training (sit, down, stay, come, leave-it, drop-it, go to your place, etc) - Behavior modification (jumping, excessive barking, nipping, housetraining, aggression, etc)- Leash training (addresses pulling or leash aggression) - Daily walks (or runs) for dogs - Home visits for puppies, cats, birds, fishes, or horses - Overnight pet sitting (dog, cat, bird, etc) - Newsletter, Blog - Pet portraits - Yogi dog massage. We serve the greater city of Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa,

Argos Puppy, Dog & Pet Services  
222 Puppy Street,  Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa,
At Argos Pet Services we believe that each animal is an individual with unique needs and personality quirks. We strive to discover and meet the needs of each animal entrusted to us and to provide a secure, fun environment in which to do so. Chloe Moore (owner) is certified in Pet First Aid and has more than 6 years of pet care experience, so you can know that your little ones are in good hands. We offer group Adventure Hikes and private Neighbourhood Walks for dogs, as well as puppy visits, horse services and pet sitting for dogs, cats and small animals.

Wags 2 Whiskers Pet Sitting & Dog Walking  
55 Dog Avenue, Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa,
Serving the Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa area Tri-Cities since 2009 - Wags 2 Whiskers Pet Sitting and Dog Walking has been offering quality, loving in-home cat sitting & dog walker service. We are a locally owned company that started out of our love for pets and our belief that all pets deserve the best care in their own home. We perform all pet visits ourselves (we don't contract work out to other pet sitters).  Our aim is a more personalized service at affordable rates actually the best doggone purrfect care in Port Coquitlam, Port Moody and Coquitlam areas.

Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa Pawsitively Canine Puppy & Dog Training Services
769 Puppies Road, Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa
We offer positive method dog training for all dogs! Small Group Classes (puppy and basic manners), Feisty Fiedo Classes, Private Behavior Consultations, Agility, We make training fun for your and your dog without the use of choke chains, prong collars or shock collars.

Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa City Puppies, Pets & Dog Walkers
Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa Dog Walking Services:

Is your dog going crazy from being left home alone for long periods of time?? Studies show that more Canadians are working longer hours than ever, and many dog owners are finding it difficult to give their buddy all the attention and exercise that he/she needs on a daily basis as a result of their busy work schedules. If you are one of the millions of extremely busy dog owners who could use some added flexibility to their demanding schedules, you’ve come to the right place!

Your dog’s happiness, health, and safety are our most important priorities. We will pick up your dog(s) at your home and walk him/her (on-leash) in your area. Or if you’d prefer, we could bring your dog to a safe (off-leash) park nearby, where he/she could go for a run (off-leash) in a private or group setting. We offer our clients peace of mind by being licensed, bonded, and insured..

Unlike a lot of other Dog Walking contractors, we feed our dogs healthy home-made dehydrated Raw Dog Treats (not wheat-flour based treats/cookies/biscuits) during the walks when good behaviour is exhibited.

We also carry cell phones and whistles (in case of emergency).

Private Walks in Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa :

Offered Monday to Friday between the hours of 9:00am – 5:00pm, but some exceptions can always be made to try and accommodate special requests. Dogs who are walked in a private setting are not taken in our vehicle; rather they are walked in the area where they live and the walks start from the moment we leave your house.

Group Walks:

These are our favourite!! We’ve worked really hard to assert ourselves as the “Pack Leaders” on our Group Walks, and as a result we’ve developed an awesome group of well-behaved, playful, energetic, non-agressive dogs that are always anxious to make new friends, and are always by our side during the walks. We also make sure to bring plenty of water on all walks so our dogs never become dehydrated. And, if you’re dog has a “Kong” toy we’ll make sure to pack it for him/her with some of our home-made Raw Dog Treats at the end of each walk (or whatever treat you provide) to help keep you’re little buddy occupied while he/she waits for you to come home. Our Group Walks are offered Monday to Friday, usually between the hours of 9:00am - 5:00pm. Weekend Group Walks are not offered at this time. Dogs who are walked in a group setting are safely transported in our vans to a nearby off-leash park and the walks start from when we arrive at the park (driving time is not included in the hour-long walk).

-Some of the more popular off-leash parks that we like to take the dogs too are: Trout Lake Park, Confederation Park, New Brighton Park, and Queen Elizabeth Park; but we often use many different parks throughout the city.

Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa Paws In Motion
Puppy & Dog Walking & Pet Sitting In Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa :

At Paws In Motion we truly LOVE dogs and what we do. We are fully trained (SPCA), bonded and insured and guarantee our service will provide your furry pal with all the adventure, socialization, mental and physical exertion needed to keep them happy and balanced. Dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes, are welcome!

We pride ourselves at being the friendly, dependable, professional dog walking and pet sitting service for West-Side Johannesburg Gauteng South Africaites and their four legged friends. We specialize in providing safe, individual attention, exercise, and genuine love and care in every one of our private and group walks. So what are you waiting for? Sign up your best friend for the exercise and adventure he or she deserves. And please check out our testimonials.

Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa Dog Walking neighbourhoods currently served include:

Kerrisdale, Kitsilano, Dunbar, Oakridge, Fairview, Yaletown, Point Grey, Mt. Pleasant, Shaughnessy, Mackenzie Heights, Arbutus Ridge, Quilchena, The Endowment Lands, and South Granville.

I'm Christine Mitten B.A., the owner/dog walker of Paws In Motion and I really do love dogs. I've grown up with them, and commit to care for your pet as I would my own. I enjoy providing daily safe, reliable exercise, play, genuine love and attention to the dogs I walk and the pets I sit. I can provide you updates on how your pet is doing via email and/or Facebook.

My dog walking business was built on the referrals of happy clients. Please take time to read my testimonials. I am so committed to earning your trust, that should you choose to work with me, the first walk is on us. Please call now to arrange a fun walk and play date for your best 4 legged friend.

Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa Pet, Puyppy & Dog Walkers
Need a Dog Walker in West or North Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa, ?
Welcome to North Shore Dog Walkers, North and West Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa's favorite pet care service provider. Owned by Amber Vernon-Jarvis, our solid reputation and 8 years of experience make us the most highly recommended service on the North Shore. We were voted North and West Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa's "Favourite Dog Walkers" in the 2011 North Shore News Readers Choice Awards.

We welcome you to take a moment and browse our site, meet the team, get some questions answered, find out what we do everyday and most important, how we can help you.

We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional dog walking service staffed by the friendliest, super-trained dog lovers in the business and offering the best hikes on the North Shore.

Call Alysha at North Shore Dog Walkers today at 604-771-4294 and we will happily answer any questions and schedule your first walk.

Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa Pet Nanny
Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa Pet Nanny is all about where passion meets need and where love meets your furry friends. We are Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa's professional dog walker, in-home cat sitter and pet care giver of choice for all your loved one's needs.

We regard each client as if they are one of our own. We are dedicated to providing focused one-on-one private dog walks with your canine companion and/or meeting all the unique needs of your precious feline friends. While we love to play, cuddle, and talk with your furry pals, safety is always our highest priority.

We provide professional services to Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa east side including Mount Pleasant, Main Street area, Renfrew, Grandview, Victoria, Knight, Hastings, Fraser, Strathcona, Woodlands, Kensington, Cedar Cottage, and Trout Lake. We also offer our services to Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa west side as far as Cambie and Fairview areas.
What makes us unique compared to group walks:

Your furry friend is in the spotlight!

With one-on-one dog walking, 100% of our focus is exclusively on your dog - this promotes a safe environment, lots of hugs, and concentrated attention.

Our approach promotes a stress-free environment - one-on-one walks eliminates the "pack mentality".

We readily notice any changes with your dog, such as medical issues, temperament changes, or changes in bladder/bowel behaviour. Of course we will immediately notify you.

As Anne is the primary dog walker, your dog grows accustomed to forming a bond without any concern about rotating dog handlers.

We are extremely flexible, whether you have intermittent service, part-time or full- time service. We accommodate various times throughout the day to suite your needs whether it is 11 am one day and 2 pm the next day or the next week.

Dog Wags Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa Pet, Puppy & Dog Walking Services
Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa Dog Walking – Everything You Need to Know About Dog Walking Services in Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa.

Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa Dog Walking: What You Need to Know

We all know that it’s important for dogs to get plenty of exercise in order to stay healthy, but a lot of people living in Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa are really busy and don’t have as much time as they would like to go out with their dogs. If this sounds like you, then you should definitely look into hiring a reputable Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa dog walking service to take your dog out at least a few days a week. Having someone come to walk to your dog a few days a week means you don’t have to worry about your pooch getting enough exercise on a daily basis.

If you’re looking for a Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa dog walking service, or are interested in how they work, you’ve come to the right place. There are plenty of dog walking companies in the Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa area, as many people own dogs and lead very busy lives.

How to Choose a Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa Dog Walking Company:

Finding a good Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa dog walking company can be difficult because there are so many options available! It can be overwhelming to decide which of the many dog walking services you should choose. When deciding, make sure you take the following into account:
•They are bonded, licensed and insured for dog Walking.
•They have sufficient medical training to deal with any problems that may come up while they’re taking care of your pooch.
•They do something to give back and make a difference in the community.
•They have sufficient testimonials and recommendations on their website and business directory listings.
•And finally, that they look like they love dogs!

As long as they can satisfy these requirements, you should talk to them and have them come over to meet your dog and make sure they are going to get along! You should always meet them first, before you decided to utilize their services. Establish a relationship and make sure you can trust them with your beloved pup.

Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa Dog Walkers- Hiring a Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa Dog Walking Company:

Once you establish a relationship with the dog walkers, you may also need to trust them with a key to your house or apartment. If you want them to pick up your dog while you are at work, they need to be able to get in to your residence. A good Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa dog walking company will pick up your dog from anywhere in the Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa area and take them for a nice long walk or maybe even a run at the beach. After that, they will drop your dog back off at your home. When you get home from work, you don’t have to worry about taking your dog for a long walk – they’ll be tired already!

Dog Services in Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa : More Than Just Walking

Dog sitting, dog training, dog grooming, dog washing: these are some of the other types of services that you might use less frequently for your dog. Many dog walking companies also offer these types of additional services in addition to just walking. They can look after your dog for an extended period of time, some are qualified dog trainers, and some offer grooming and bathing for your dog as well. It only makes sense that once you trust a dog walking company to walk your dog that you would also utilize their other services as well.

Dog Walking in Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa: How much does it cost?

Most Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa dog walking companies provide a variety of different walking and pricing options. Generally, you can choose from between 30 minute to 2 hour walks, and whether it will be a “group” walk or a “private” walk. A group walk means that they will be walked along with a number of other dogs and it will be less expensive than a private walk. This is good if you have a dog that loves to play with others, or even one that you think needs some socializing. A private walk means that your dog will be walked with no other dogs, and it will be more expensive.

Prices for dog walking in Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa range anywhere from about $20-$50 depending on what type of walk you want for your dog. You can often pre-book a large number of scheduled walks in advance to get some type of discount. You have to check will the individual dog walking company for specific prices however, as they can vary significantly.

Choosing a Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa Dog Walking Company:

Using a Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa dog walking service can be one the best decisions you ever make. Your dog will love you for it, and you wont have to worry about whether or not your dog is getting enough exercise on a daily basis.

Hopefully this article has helped to inform you a little bit about dog walking services in Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa, now we would like to introduce ourselves to you.

We are Ryan Bridgewater and Dan Rogers, and we own a dog walking company in Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa called Dog WAGS. The “WAGS” part stands for: Walking, Activities, Guidance, and Sitting – and these are all the services that we offer for you and your dog. Clients have told us that we are two of the most beloved dog walkers in the Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa area, and it’s true – we do love dogs!

We grew up with dogs our whole lives, and treat every dog we walk like it was our own. We are more than just dog walkers though, we try to offer a wide variety of services for your convenience.

We also try to make a difference and give something back by donating money from each and every basic walk we do to charities. Right now they include PADS and Partners in the Horn. We always donate $1 from each basic walk to these great charitable organizations. So if you’d like to help us make a difference, then start getting your dog walked today! We would appreciate your business and so would these charities.

Basically, if you’re in the Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa Area (Westside to Eastside, between Marine Drive to Downtown) we can pick up your dog any day between Monday and Friday. So if you’re looking for someone to take care of your dog, give us a call! We would absolutely love to meet you and your dog.

You can check out the rest of our website for more information about Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa Dog Walking and much more. We list our prices on our Rates page, you can learn more about the two us here: Dan Rogers and Ryan Bridgewater. If you would like to get in touch with us there is a contact form on our Contact Us page too.

Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa Best Friends Puppy, Dog & Pet Care
Worried about leaving your dog home alone while you are gone? Extra long days at work? No yard? Too much energy for you to handle? Common behavioural problems such as barking, chewing and digging are the result of isolation, boredom and insufficient exercise. We can help provide the physical and mental stimulation that your dog needs!

Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa Best Friends Dog Walking service is designed for owners who may be out at work all day, are physically unable to exercise their dog, or who just wish to provide their dog with an increased level of exercise and socialization.

We do not breed discriminate, dogs are assessed on their individual personality and needs. Please call or email with any questions you may have about our dog walking service, and ask us about our significant discounts for multi-dog family’s dog walking.

Dog Walking:

Group Dog Walking:
East/West boundaries are Cambie Street to Blanca Street. North/South boundaries are from Cornwall Avenue to West King Edward. On our 11:00am hikes, we also travel as far south as West 41st Avenue if you live West of Granville Street.

Private Dog Walking in Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa :
Same as above but we also service Kits Point, Mount Pleasant, False Creek, Kerrisdale, and upper Shaugnessy neighbourhoods and our East boundary is Clarke drive.

Creature Comforts Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa Pet Care Services
One Hour Group Hike:

Your dog will walk, run and socialize for a full hour on the lush, forested trails of Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa’s best wilderness parks. Away from city traffic, these small groups frolic and socialize in a safe, natural environment.

With almost 20 years of experience, Creature Comforts are the experts at finding the perfect group fit for your dog. And that’s important, because every dog is different and needs just the right companions to ensure their safety and enjoyment.

Personality and disposition are a big part of the equation, and size does matter in a dog’s world. We keep groups small so every dog feels comfortable with the playmates we choose for his or her outdoor adventure.

Service includes:
Pick up and drop off from home or office
Water bowls topped up upon return
Dogs are toweled off on wet or muddy days
Off leash privileges are given to dogs that demonstrate a reliable recall command
Consecutive walks may be booked on days when your dog is up for a longer trek.

Sometimes a dog is more comfortable on his/her own and we love to pamper with lots of love and affection as we stroll their neighbourhood or local parks.

Private walks are especially good for young or old dogs, dogs with socialization issues or dogs with health concerns. If your dog has special needs, we can design a personalized program to meet them, be it carrying them up and down stairs, ensuring that they’ve had their medication or doing whatever it takes to get them out and about in a way that’s safe and comfortable. New puppies are best served by our specialized Puppies R Us Service.

We offer multiple daily visits & flexible times, ideal for owners who have their own demanding schedules.

Service includes:
Pick up and drop off
Water bowls topped up upon return
Dogs are toweled off on wet or muddy days upon return
Feeding meals
Administration of basic medications

Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa A Bark Above Puppy, Pet & Dog Walking Service
Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa Pet Lover’s Extraordinaire. A BARK ABOVE (ABA) is a professional Dog Walking Service. We have owned and cared for dogs many years and we are Pet First Aid Certified, Registered, Licensed and Insured.

We will go the extra mile to give you the Reliable and Caring Service that you expect for your dog and to give them the attention that he/she needs while you’re away.

Whether you have a young puppy needy of a mid-day potty break and a bite to eat, a social animal looking to mix it up with other like minded dogs, or the elderly or others needing some individual TLC, A BARK ABOVE will pamper your pet. This can all be done while gently but firmly reinforcing some basic obedience tips.

A little bit of dog boarding makes puppies of all ages happy campers too.

And to top it all off, we provide an environmentally friendly, poop and scoop clean-up service for your yard.

Call A BARK ABOVE Dog Walking Service, just for the ‘howl’ of it.

Attention Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa Dog Walkers. If you care about dogs and want to spend some time getting great exercise outdoors with man's best friend, we would like to speak with you.

You must have a love for pets, be reliable and bondable, and having your own transportation is an asset.

Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa Puddle Pups Walking Services
Puddle Pups have been serving and loving the dogs of Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa since 2001. With years of experience and wisdom, we have become one of the most trusted names in the dog community.

Whether it’s a day in the park; a romp in the waves; or an adventure in the woods, you can rest assured your best friend will get the exercise they need while under safe and reliable supervision and direction.

Puddle Pups Dog Care provides one hour or full day group outings. With our convenient pick up and drop off service, your dog returns to the comfort of their own home feeling relaxed and content.
A well-exercised dog is a healthy and content dog. No matter the age, size, or level of energy- we have something for your friend.

All of our dog walking adventures begin with a no hassle pick up at your home. Your excited pup will be greeted by one of our trained and trusted Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa dog walkers who will be the pack leader for their time in Puddle Pups' care. Following the walk, your dog will be returned home to relax until you walk in the door. If necessary, we ensure your dog is rinsed, towelled and paws wiped clean before returning – a service welcomed by our clients on rainy Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa days!

Pick up areas: Kits, Dunbar, Point Grey

View our checklist for a healthy dog

One-hour Group Walk

Provides a nice break in the day for your dog. We try to make the personalities within the group compatible for their one hour adventure. Choose from a morning or afternoon spot.

$18 + HST *


Double Duty (approximately 4 hours)

Walks give your dog a full day of activity. Not only do they get to enjoy over two hours of running, playing and jumping; they get to hang out with their friends and cruise the town.


Senior Group Strolls

Even in their golden years, your dog benefits greatly from socializing and exercising in the fresh air. These slow paced outings allow your older dog to stay active and keep their senses stimulated with peers of similar ability.

Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa pet, puppy & dog owners love their dogs, but they need a break from time to time. Dogs, especially high energy dogs, require a certain amount of exercise every day, rain or shine.   Standing in sub zero temperature in the park, or going for a long walk after a long day at the office, is sometimes too much for dog owners to handle, and this is where the dog walkers come in.

Puppy & dog walking in Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa is both a pastime and a profession involving the act of a person walking with a dog, typically from the dog's residence and then returning.

This constitutes part of the daily exercise regime needed to keep a dog healthy. It also provides exercise and companionship for the walker.

Many cities encourage dog walkers to pick up after their pets by providing free baggies along popular paths or in parks, such as this one in Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa .

In the USA, The Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa Kennel Club conducted a survey of 900 dog owners and found that one in five did not walk their dogs on a daily basis.

Dogs are walked with a collar around their neck, or a dog harness, or by following their owner by familiarity and verbal control (where safe).  Commonly the dog is walked by the owner, or another family member, but there are also professional dog walkers.

The Proper Way To Walk a Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa Dog: While many people let their dogs walk in front of them or even pull them, this is not right.

Dogs need to know that the human walking them is their pack leader and should be in front to lead the way. However, if a dog is tracking something down, it is okay for them to walk in front because they are the ones currently leading the way.

Health benefits: A study by the Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa University showed that people who walk their dogs are 29% more likely to meet expected levels of exercise, with a recommended level of 95 minutes of activity such as dog walking per week.

Arthur Klive, the co-author of the Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa study said, "There is no magic bullet in getting people to reach those benchmarks but walking a dog has a measurable impact."

Professional Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa dog walkers, both individuals and businesses, are paid by dog owners to walk their dogs for them. Some dog walkers will take many dogs for a walk at the same time, while others will walk with one dog only.

Also growing in popularity is dog running.

Dog runners in Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa are professionals who will take your dog running, usually between 1 and 10 miles for a set fee, usually not more than 2 dogs at a time. In some jurisdictions dog walking businesses must be licensed and have animal first-aid-trained employees.

Professional Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa dog walking services can be obtained locally or thorough online listing services such as

Dog walkers in Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa and around the world can post their services for free in places such as which lets customers review different services, and enables service providers to specify hours and fees and contact information.

Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa Urban Dog Ranch Pet, Puppy & Dog Walking Services
2296 Doggies & Puppies Avenue, Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa,
Urban Dog Ranch in Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa specializes in private to small groups of no more then four dogs to ensure your puppy or dog is receiving the amount of love and attention he or she deserves.

No two dogs are alike, and so neither are their exercise needs! UDR prides itself on providing a custom dog-walking service, designed to cater specifically to your hound.

We will come to your residence to pick up our walking buddy, and can tailor routes to accommodate all energy levels and satisfy even the most adventurous of dogs!

UDR is more than a dog care service- it is a home. And if you engage our Boarding services, it will be your dog's home also.

The Ranch in Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa has been home to Eli, and the many dogs she has cared for, for 4 years, and with its open plan living space and secure backyard for exercise, it's the ideal place for your dog to hang out while you're away.

Of course on the other hand, there really is no place like home, so if you'd prefer for your dog to be looked after at your own residence, UDR will gladly come over to you for a play date.

We understand that change can be unsettling and stressful- this way your dog can play and enjoy companionship in the comfort of familiar surroundings!