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Las Vegas NV USA pet first aid courses for dogs, cats, pets, puppies, canines & doggies

Most pet owners in Las Vegas NV USA love their cats, dogs, puppies & pets more than they love themselves, but unfortunately, know very little about pet first aid. 

In the event of an injury or wound to your pet, dog or puppy, will you know what to do?

Here we list several companies offering pet first aid courses & classes.  Be prepared.

First Aid in Las Vegas NV USA is typically described as "Emergency treatment administered to an injured or sick person before professional medical care is available."

Although usually referring to humans, the definition is still valid when it comes to Las Vegas NV USA pets, puppies & dogs. Much of the Pet First Aid that is administered is similar, however distinct differences come into play, specifically when referring to their anatomy, and their inability to communicate with humans what is wrong.

Significant Las Vegas NV USA Pet First Aid theory can be learned through reliable internet sources, however it is stressed that this is to be used as a learning resource only, whereas in an emergency, a pet owner should not simply go online.