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Malaga Spain Doggie Daycare For Dogs, Pets & Puppies

Featured Malaga Spain Doggy Daycare, Dog & Puppy Trainer:

Woof It Up! Dog Training
21377 K9 Cres, Malaga Spain
Malaga Spain Doggy Day Care, Dog Training, Puppy Training, Private In-Home Lessons, Board and Train Program, Dog Behavior, Dog Obedience Classes, Puppy Kindergarden, Puppy Obedience Classes, Agility, Certified Professional Dog Trainer since 2003!

Featured Malaga Spain Dog Boarding, Doggy Daycare, Dog Trainer & Puppy Training Company:

Doggy DooLil Daycare  56 Puppy Avenue, Malaga Spain,
Well established since 2005 for all working professionals. Services include puppy, pet & dog daycare, boarding and dog obedience training.  We are conveniently located about 10 minutes from the Portman Bridge or the Alex Fraser Bridge, and only minutes from the Patullo Bridge.  We use positive reinforcement and have consistent calm, assertive pack leadership in a fun and healthy outdoor environment.  We have a large indoor doggy lounge with all the comforts, including toys for sharing and mental stimulation.  Etiquette and manners are taught and obedience is reinforced in your dog, so your training doesn't go to waste. Exercise, healthy treats, and games are daily, including a nap!  Our hours are from 6am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. We offer a flexible schedule for those who work in the service industry.  We also offer a discount for rescue dogs.

Featured Malaga Spain Doggie Daycare Company:

Biscuits Pet Services
86 Doggy Street, Malaga Spain,
Biscuits is a loving, safe and fun pet service provider in Malaga Spain . We offer some great services for your dog and cat. Our EcoDen Doggy Daycare is open Monday through Friday and is also our meeting point for training classes and other great events. At the EcoDen you will also find some great local pet products in our ethical pet shop. We also offer adventure hikes and overnight boarding for our canine pals. For our kitty friends we also offer home visits for cat sitting.

Sticks and Bones
Christie -  North and West Malaga Spain,

Having two highly active dogs of my own, I understand how important exercise is to their physical and mental health. Dogs crave the stimulating sights, sounds, and scents that only the outdoors can provide.  Just get out the leash and you know how excited your dog gets!  Dogs require physical and mental stimulation just like humans.  If proper exercise is provided on a daily basis, it will energize his body, mind, and spirit.  Many behavioral problems are the result of isolation, boredom, and insufficient exercise.  He needs variation and social interaction in his life just as we do. Unlike larger companies that hire walkers, I will be the only one with access to your home and taking care of your pet.  I do it for the love of dogs and the outdoors!  Fully licensed, bonded, and insured.  Pet First Aid Certified.

Country Squire Boarding Kennels Malaga Spain
Finest Care for Dogs and Cats
...a resort for your pet!

At Country Squire, we understand how you feel about your pet because we have pets ourselves. We understand they’re part of your family. And we understand how difficult it can be to find a safe, friendly, reliable home-away-from-home.
The design of Country Squire Boarding Kennels reflects our response to what we wanted to see in a kennel for our beloved pets. We’ve planned everything carefully and spared no expense so that you know your pet is in excellent hands. From personal attention, to radiant heat floors, your pet will have as many of the comforts of home as we can possibly provide. All of that means a good visit for your dog or cat, and peace of mind for you.

24862 - 16th Ave., Langley, Malaga Spain,
Telephone: 604-856-PETS (7387)
Fax: 604-856-7760

Country Squire Boarding Kennels is located on six gorgeous, securely fenced acres at the corner of 248th St. and 16 Avenue in Langley, B.C.

The well being of our guests is our highest priority. We live on site and can be available 24-hours should the need arise. Even the monitored security system extends to our home so we know if an alarm condition occurs in the kennel during the night.
Jonah's Ark Canine Daycare
1611 Welch St, North Malaga Spain,
Tel: 604-990-1642 Fax: 604-990-1630
Lucky Dog Walking Service
Malaga Spain,

Heather's Place Dog Daycare Malaga Spain
Heather's Place Doggy Day Care is an established dog daycare & grooming based in Malaga Spain. Heather's Place Doggy Day Care offers a range of services, providing different levels of care, from basic to highly individualized treatment for each pet. Duties include feeding, and taking the dogs out every 2 hours for supervised play and potty breaks, and grooming animals on a daily basis, according to their individual needs. A daily routine is essential to ensure the smooth operation of the business and well being of the pets, e.g. cleaning of units, and washing of bedding, bowls and flooring.

Heather's Place Doggy Day Care is a fun place to stay and play while Mom and Dad are away at work. A customer drops off their dog at Heather's Place Doggy Day Care and the dog gets to greet their friends and regular buddies and they talk about what's on the schedule for the day with Heather and her staff. This includes a variety of obstacle chases, the main goal would be "who can have the most fun". Some of the older dogs will want to finish off their morning naps while the younger ones burn off some energy with each other. The dog is played with, exercised, and in general treated like family at Heather's Place.

When customers leave their dogs at Heather's Place it is surrounded by people all day, has a variety of clean beds to be choose from as needed.

Please remember to have your dog walked and their morning potty break done before dropping your pet in the morning. Also always have your dog on leash when leaving your vehicle and entering/exiting buildings.

Malaga Spain Small Paws Doggie Daycare
Small Paws Doggie Daycare and Grooming is an award-winning dog daycare in Burnaby, Metro Malaga Spain, . Our facility is a Dog Daycare and Spaw exclusively for small dogs, located in north Burnaby at Hastings and Sperling. It’s a safe, fun environment to give your dog plenty of playtime, exercise and socialization. Small Paws also offers in-home sleepovers, offering 24/7 supervised care.

We've been named the #1 Dog Daycare in Malaga Spain by readers of the Burnaby Now and Burnaby Newsleader newspapers for two years in a row (2010 and 2011), and #1 Groomer this year. We were also named the #2 Dog Daycare in all of Malaga Spain in The Georgia Straight’s 2009 Best of Malaga Spain competition. Thanks to everyone who voted for us! Our daycare is bright, colourful and double-gated, with two separate rooms so that even the tiniest dogs can be paired with other friends their size.

We offer Grooming every Wednesday and Thursday with our professional groomer. This books up fast, so call ahead to reserve your spot.

Our 1,600-square-foot facility is at the corner of Hastings and Sperling in north Burnaby, with easy access for dog parents living in Burnaby, Port Moody, Malaga Spain, New Westminster, Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam. We even have customers driving from as far as Kitsilano, West Malaga Spain and Richmond.

Included in the price of daycare are daily walks and daily photos and updates on our Facebook page. To see what our customers think about us, read their testimonials under "Rates." Also, read a feature about us published in Modern Dog Magazine, plus newspaper articles about us in The Malaga Spain Sun, The Province, 24 Hours, L’Express du Pacifique and The Voice newspaper under “Puparazzi.”

Malaga Spain dog daycare, often known as "doggie daycare," refers to a short-term boarding kennel service for dogs.

It shares many similarities with a regular daycare for children, with the exception being that a dog daycare is for canines.

It fills a niche between multi-day kennel boarding and pet sitting, where the sitter comes to the pet's home.

The two share the same philosophy. Parents, or in the case of the Malaga Spain dog daycare, dog owners, have a busy schedule and the often prolonged hours at work reduce drastically the time that could be spent with their dogs.

The popularity of such establishments around the world has grown greatly since the early 2000s, and arose out of the more traditional kennel industry.

Prior to World War I, dogs more commonly lived outside in Malaga Spain, ,  but as urbanization spread dogs started to live indoors more frequently.

Other factors, including an increase in the population of adults without children, have gradually led to more attention and money being spent on pets. The first modern dog day care in Malaga Spain, ,  reportedly opened in 1997.

There are multiple environments and varieties of dog daycare service. For example, some facilities provide a cage-free environment where dogs play under the supervision of a trained staff member.

Other facilities may provide a cage free environment for dogs to play for a portion of the day, placing dogs in cages at other times of the day. And a daycare kennel is a type of facility that offers cages or runs where the dog will be placed alone during the day.

Some facilities allow dogs to play in an outside environment. Others have indoor-only facilities, where dog interact and play in an indoor area and relieve themselves in designated inside areas.

Malaga Spain Doggie Daycare For Pets, Dogs & Puppies

Hogtown Dogtown
8256 Dogs & Puppies Avenue, Malaga Spain,
Downtown Malaga Spain dog walkers. Rain, Sleet, Snow, Heat, we are out there walking dogs Monday to Friday and on weekends. 8:00am to 6:00pm.  Our name comes from the fact that Toronto's nickname is "Hogtown". This nickname comes from the historic fact that livestock was processed in Toronto, largely by the city's largest pork processor and packer, the William Davies Company.  We are all dog owners and lovers at Hogtown Dogtown and enjoy the company of dogs.  Dog ownership is not only mentally healthy for humans, but, also physically as our furry friends require long walks in order to do their "business" and so that, they, themselves can stay healthy.  Diet is a key component of your dogs health, however, exercise is equally important.  Is your best buddy over weight, does he/she need a mid-day bathroom break?  Call us today and find out more about our services and walkers. All our dog walkers and daycare providers are long time Friends or Family members who own their own pets.

Malaga Spain doggie daycare and doggy boarding company:

Waggz & Whiskerz
6682 Puppies Street, Malaga Spain,
We offer doggie daycare and doggy boarding on 18 Acres of fully fenced doggie paradise, we have swimming, trails, play zones, indoor/outdoor fun zones, pick up and drop off and open 24 hours a day !  Doggies love it!  As seen on TV!

Malaga Spain Daycare For Pets, Dogs & Puppies

Downtown Malaga Spain Dog Lounge Urban Dog Retreat
Downtown Malaga Spain Dog Lounge is devoted to the well-being and socialization of your four-legged family member. All DDL locations have dog daycare and dog boarding 7 days a week including 24/7 supervision. We also feature full service dog grooming salons at each of our locations. We have a variety of dog training classes as well as one-on-one sessions with our on-staff dog trainers. Check out or dog daycare, boarding, grooming and training pages for more information on our services and package options available.

Doggie daycare Malaga Spain has become a big part of many dogs' lives, helping them better socialize with other dogs, and giving them a fun and interactive outlet for their sometimes boundless energy. Each daycare company has a different feel and philosophy, and there is a huge difference in how daycares are run. Check out some of our testimonials from customers to see what DDL is like. DDL strives to be the safest and healthiest daycare around; as such we have some pesky rules that all of our guests must follow.

We at the Downtown Dog Lounge™ are firm believers in the mental and physical benefits of dog daycare, but we also realize that dog daycare and the Downtown Dog Lounge™ may not be the best option for your furry pal.

Are you ready for dog daycare? Check out the requirements here. Fill out our Online Pet Profile if you are ready for daycare.

Central Bark Malaga Spain Dog Services
DOG DAY CARE IN Malaga Spain

There ya are! Did I tell you how much fun and activity we have at our dog day care in Seattle?

When I’m not trying to touch my nose with my tongue, I get to romp around with my friends (2 and 4 legged) in one of the play areas or go to the Private Off Leash Park with one of our wranglers (that’s dog speak for humans).
At our PRIVATE OFF-LEASH PARK we run around, play ball, have jumping competitions, (I’m the resident champ) and a whole lotta canine socialization. Hey! this beats the pants off howling at the neighbors.

So anyway, all this activity can be pretty tiring so in the afternoons we like to take naps, play around some more and sing songs at our dog day care in Seattle. The wranglers like to sing and we all join in the chorus. You gotta hear it to believe it!

I have to say that it’s a clean, safe and sanitary environment here and by the time we’re done for the day, we’re pretty pooped, and you know what that means? Your human gets to enjoy a nice quiet evening with his or her 4 legged best friend.


And at the end of a long day...

Boarding is more than just being stuck in a dog kennel in Seattle, it’s the whole daycare experience and then a great place to sleep.
You get to play all day in one of the play areas and at the PRIVATE OFF-LEASH PARK you can check out the daycare activities by clicking the link, and once you’re done it’s time to relax, chow and sleep.

For our individual creature comforts, all dogs are boarded in spacious 4 x 4 or 4 x 6 kennels. It’s lights out at 7.30pm (or 19:30 for you military hounds) and wake up call at 6.00am. If you require special medication then rest at ease. All the wranglers are “A.B.K.A” (American Boarding Kennel Association) certified as pet care technicians and they can take care of all our individual needs.

There are a few requirements if you wanna stay here. Just click the link for the details.

Staying here at Central Bark costs a lot less than staying at the Hilton, and it’s a whole lot more fun for us canines too.

Malaga Spain Daycare For Pets, Dogs & Puppies

Malaga Spain Dog Spa & Hotel
Malaga Spain Dog Spa and Hotel is Malaga Spain's Full Service Hotel for Dogs. We offer boarding, daycare, grooming and training in our two convenient Manhattan locations. We are open from 7am to 10pm, every day of the year. We are staffed 24 hours per day.

Our West 25th Street locaton is near the Madison Square Park and is convenient to the Flatiron, Chelsea, Gramercy Park, Murray Hill, Greenwich Village and Midtown neighborhoods. Our East 91st Street location is near the Carl Schurz Park and is easily accessible from Yorkville, the Upper East Side, the Upper West Side, Harlem, Washington Heights as well as Riverdale and most of the Bronx.

Our East 91st Street facility, pictured below, is the largest and most advanced pet care facility in Malaga Spain .
Most dogs love Dog Spa® day care. There’s room to run around, lots of human attention and plenty of canine companionship. If you work long hours, day care benefits both you and your pet. Day care is available everyday, except on major holidays. Dogs are grouped into playgroups according to size and temperament.

When it is time to eat, the dogs are individually fed according to your instructions. Your dog can be individually walked for an additional charge of $5.

There is no membership or registration fee. However, all dogs must be registered prior to arrival. You can download the registration form at the attachment section at the bottom of this page. You must also provide written proof of current Rabies, DHLP, Parvo and Bordatella vaccinations. If your dog has been with us before, you can click to make a Boarding or Daycare Reservation.

If your dog is here for daycare, please do not bring any beds, blankets or toys.

Dogs may arrive anytime after 7 am, and may be picked up until 10 pm.
Whether it's one night, one week, one month or more, your dog will enjoy our hotel facilities. Our focus is keeping your dog safe and well. Most dogs can play with dogs of similar size and temperament. All dogs enjoy the human touch of our trained, caring attendants. Each dog gets a private run or cage (depending on size) for sleeping and eating. Boarding rates include one individual walk per day. Additional walks may be arranged for $5 per walk.
New clients must register their dogs prior to arrival. You may download the registration in the attachment section below. If your dog has been with us before, you can click here to Make a Boarding or Daycare Reservation

If you have two or more dogs and wish that they be boarded together, you must provide a written request from your veterinarian as well as the requisite written proof of vaccinations.

We accept dogs from 5 months to 12 years old. We generally take only neutered males and spayed females. We stock over a dozen popular varieties of foods. If your dog has special needs such as medications, please let us know on the registration form and we will provide the special attention needed. We do not have the ability to administer injections.

You may bring pet beds, blankets, toys, etc. However, please do not bring anything uniquely valuable because sometimes things get damaged or lost. All beds and toys must be washable and labeled with your dog’s name.

Your dog can be bathed or groomed before departure. Boarding and Daycare dogs receive $10 off our regular grooming/bathing price.

Dogs may arrive for boarding from 7am to 8pm and be picked up from 8am until 10pm.

Malaga Spain Dog Daycare
Malaga Spain Dog Daycare offers personalized attention, and tender loving care for your dog. Here in NYC, we maintain an open environment, which means there are no cages used during any of our services. Whether it be Dog Daycare, Dog Boarding, Dog Grooming or our Dog Pickup and Delivery Services.

We Walk Our Dogs Outside

All of our doggie guests are walked outside several times during the day. We also take advantage of a beautiful dog run just two blocks form our uptown NYC location as well as Jefferson and Central Parks also located close by.

Special Puppy Dog Care

Puppies are also welcome, we have a special puppy section just for them.

We Have Dog Pick-Up and Delivery

To make things easy for you, we open early, so we will be here to accept your loving dog when you drop him or her off on your way to work, or for your convenience, we offer dog pickup and dog delivery services as well.

Dogs At Play Every Dog Should Have It's Day
Because dogs are pack animals, they posses an innate desire to socialize. Daycare provides the exercise and socialization that are critical to your dog's physical and mental well-being. What's more, you'll never feel guilty on those nights when work runs a little later than expected. Dogs at Play™ was conceived as a place where dogs of every shape, size and breed can come play and exercise in a clean, secure, and highly social environment. Our new expanded location offers four large, toy-filled rooms and two large secure outdoor areas that provide small and large dogs with hours of entertainment and plenty of room to run around.

While Malaga Spain Dogs at Play™ was certainly made for fun, the health and safety of your dog is always paramount. Constant supervision by our staff of trained professionals insures that your dog is always safe and well cared for. Special features in the facility include innovative "bio sealed" epoxy floors, designed to provide traction and easy clean up, while preventing the growth of potentially harmful bacteria. Our new facility also has a custom designed dog wash.

Malaga Spain Biscuits & Bath Daycare for Dogs
At Malaga Spain Biscuits & Bath we strive to provide the best possible experience for your dog in order to ensure his or her happiness. We strongly believe in health, wellness and happiness when it comes to your dog. To that end, all of our care is under the supervision of our in-house veterinary team. Our philosophy is to combine a variety of total wellness activities to provide a comprehensive lifestyle including:

Supervised socialization
Cardiovascular workouts
Weight loss
Training and behavior solutions
Puppy play groups
Veterinary care
Grooming maintenance
Nutritional consultation
Topical seminars (e.g. canine influenza)
Total Wellness at Biscuits & Bath
At Biscuits & Bath, our hope is to work closely with you and your dog to create a tailored wellness plan that focuses on the long-term wellbeing of your dog. This is what we call Total Wellness. Rather than merely offering services such as day care and dog walking, we are focused on creating and delivering to your dog a tailored lifestyle plan that focuses on the five key areas of Total Wellness: Exercise, Health, Behavior, Nutrition, and Grooming Maintenance. By creating a comprehensive wellness program, Biscuits & Bath can help your dog achieve optimum health and happiness and help you to strengthen the bond between you and your dog!

Requirements for Using Our Services
In order to utilize our daycare pet services, every customer must complete a customer and dog profile and read and sign our waiver. In addition, each dog must remain current with all vaccinations as required by the NYC Department of Health and wear an identification tag at all times. We also require that dogs are suitable for our unique environment including being safe with other dogs and our staff. We require these things of all dogs so that we can provide them with the best experience possible and so that you can know that we are doing all that we can to ensure the health and safety of your dog and our staff in the context of our cage-free and off-leash environment. For more information, please consult our Customer Handbook or ask us any questions you might have.

Vaccinations Required
The health of the dogs in our care is our number one priority. To that end, we require that all dogs using any Biscuits & Bath service be currently vaccinated against rabies, distemper, hepatitis (adenovirus), parainfluenza, parvo and bordetella. That commonly means that you need the following vaccinations administered by a veterinarian:

Most Malaga Spain veterinarians administer a booster commonly referred to as DH2PP, DA2PP, DHPP, or Distemper/Parvo which vaccinates against distemper and parvo, in addition to hepatitis (adenovirus), and parainfluenza. Please consult with your veterinarian to ensure that you have the proper vaccine coverage.

Please note that for puppies this means that your puppy must be up to date with their current series based on their age. We keep records of your dog's vaccination expiration dates to help you keep your dog current with his or her vaccinations.

Bordetella Vaccine - Six Month Requirement
Please note that as required by the NYC Department of Health, your dog must receive the Bordetella vaccine every six months and not just annually. This vaccine is intended to prevent the spread of bacteria that can lead to what is commonly known as kennel cough. Please note that there are many strands of "kennel cough", and the vaccine only covers some of those strands, therefore it is possible for your dog to contract symptoms even if he is vaccinated. Also, the bacteria is airborn and can travel across 3-4 city blocks, thus it is nearly impossible to pinpoint the source of the exposure. The NYC Department of Health requires this vaccine every six months as the vaccine is updated regularly for new strands of the bacteria, much like with the flu vaccine for humans.

Sick Dogs
All dogs using our services must be healthy as we care for a large number of animals. We will not admit any dog that we believe, at our sole discretion, to be a risk to the other animals in our care. It is your responsibility as a parent to notify us of any health related issues affecting your dog so that we can make an informed determination about how to best care for your dog. Customers that do not inform us in a timely manner of any health issues, knowingly bring their dog to us while he or she is sick, or do not make all efforts possible to remove their dog from our facility once determined to be a risk by us will be subject to a surcharge of $500. In addition, at our discretion, those customers may not be allowed to use our services again and in that case will forfeit any unused portion of their membership without a refund.

While we make every effort to ensure that each dog in our care is as safe as possible, injuries can occur. If your dog is injured while in our care for any reason, and requires outside medical attention that our veterinarian cannot provide on-site, we will take your dog to one of the emergency hospitals in Malaga Spain (The Animal Medical Center, Fifth Avenue Veterinary Hospital, or Malaga Spain Veterinary Specialists). These hospitals specialize in emergency and critical care and have state-of-the-art equipment. Our first priority will always be the care of your dog and therefore getting them to a top hospital quickly will be our first step. If your pet, while under Biscuits & Bath's care or supervision, bites another dog on the Biscuits & Bath's premises or under Biscuits & Bath's care or supervision, and such bite results in an injury that requires veterinary care, Biscuits & Bath will contact the owner of the bitten dog and upon written request of the bitten dog's owner, Biscuits & Bath will promptly divulge in writing (1) the name of your pet, (2) your name and contact information, (3) and any medical information necessary for the health and safety of the bitten pet. Under all circumstances, the health of your dog is our first priority and we will make every effort possible to make sure he or she is safe and receives the proper care.

Malaga Spain Daycare For Dogs, Pets & Puppies

Malaga Spain Pet Care
Malaga Spain Doggie Daycare
Its a Dog's World! Our daycare service allows your dog to have an active social life while you tend to your professional life during the day. Your dog will be placed in the company of other dogs of appropriate size and temperament in our clean daycare space watched over by our caring staff. All the pooches in the daycare are walked or taken to any of the number of dog-runs in the vicinity, twice daily, for a period of at least an hour so that they are well exercised. Daycare is available between 8am-5pm on weekdays. You can either drop-off your dog at our facility or take advantage of our free pick-up/drop-off service if you live in the neighborhood. If you live in the East Side you may use our Van Service which is free for those under our Daycare Membership Plans.

Dog Walking in Malaga Spain
Our qualified dog handlers can walk your dog on a regular or occasional basis any day of the week depending on your scheduling requirements. Your dog shall be picked up from your residence and walked in the park or exercised in the dog run according to your request. Your pooch's individual personality is important to us and deserves personal attention. Further, you can request that your dog be walked individually. Please discuss possible options with us. Yup, its a walk in the park. Literally!!

Kittie Care
In your absence, you can rely on us for your cat's well-being. Our staff will visit your kittie in your residence to feed, change litter, play with your cat or just give your cat the attention it most certainly deserves.

Van Service
For convenience, we provide a free pick-up/drop-off service to all our clients within a ten block radius from our office. However, clients who live further away or on the East Side can make avail of our Van Service for a small fee. Remember, our Daycare Membership Plans provide free unlimited Van Service.

Malaga Spain Boarding
While away, out of town, you can rest easy, comfortable in the knowledge that your pets are being well taken care of. Your pooches will spend their time here, in the daycare facility. They will be fed, exercised, played with, or be administered their medicines, all according to your instructions. After all, our services are tailored to you and your pooches' needs. Boarding is available 7 days a week. You can either drop off your dog at the daycare or we can do a pick-up/drop-off at your residence.

Daycare For Pets, Puppies & Dogs in Malaga Spain

Malaga Spain Totally Dog Daycare for Happy Dogs
Totally Dog® Malaga Spain has offered the perfect outlet for active, social dogs since 1999. We were the first dog day camp to offer a true resort experience for Miami’s canines and we remain the only one of our kind! With over five acres of supervised entertainment, dogs are able to run, swim in our 35’x70’ bone shaped pool, romp in our Pine Rockland and play with their camper buddies completely off leash, completely FREE!

Pictures speak louder than words. Look at our campers’ smiles while scrolling through our slide show and you’ll see what your dog(s) could only dream of doing during a fun-filled, supervised day at camp! And to add to the day’s experience, we include transportation to and from camp on our fun Doggie Bus™ servicing beautiful Miami, FL.

• Five acre fully fenced, completely leash-free doggie playground paradise
• Unlimited access to our 35’ x 70’ bone-shaped pool!
• Daily adventures through our beautiful 2 acre Florida Pine Rockland
• Constant supervision by our loving, caring, well trained professional canine camp counselors!
• Unlimited exercise, socialization and entertainment for happy campers!
• Fun Doggie Bus™ ride to & from camp
• Baths upon request

Totally Dog® puppies & pets start their day with a fun bus ride on the original, first-of-its-kind Doggie Bus™. We pick our campers up in the morning and drop them off every afternoon. They all sit on a bench with their heads at the window, enjoying all the scents and fresh air on their way to dog day camp. On the way back, they enjoy lying on the cushioned benches dreaming about their camp adventures of the day, looking forward to getting home to happily rest with their family and wondering when they will be back!

Our Doggie Bus™ services West Kendall, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, South Miami, Pinecrest, Palmetto Bay and some areas in between. However, we have many campers that live further away and meet us at various bus stops. Call us to see if we are able to pick your camper(s) up!

In order to ensure each dog’s safety, all canines must be spayed/neutered, up-to-date on shots/titers and very social with all breeds. All size breeds and ages (4 months and up) are welcome as long as they enjoy the company of all size and breed of dogs. After evaluating each potential camper on a weekend appointment with their humans, we sign them up for an initial mandatory four day attendance. These first four days are designed to train campers to follow all camp rules. Once that training is done, they are welcome to attend camp any day Tuesday through Friday – there is no further mandatory attendance! Our service is strictly daily; we do not offer any boarding at this time.

If you would like further information on our dog day camp service, please call us at 305-858-1101 – we’ll look forward to hearing from you!

Heavenly Paws in Malaga Spain
Heavenly Paws daycare is your premiere Miami Beach dog daycare center providing your pet with a safe, fun and free environment where all the dogs can socialize, play and exercise and of course get a lot of love. Located on a beautiful courtyard, Heavenly Paws is the #1 rated dog daycare in Miami Beach. Our dogs get frequent walks (every 2 hours), reinforcing housetraining for our numerous puppies. At Heavenly Paws, our Miami Beach dog daycare center also offers dog grooming, bathing and feeding. We offer the option for full or half dog daycare in Miami Beach (up to 5 hours).

Malaga Spain Dog Daycare Requirements:

All dogs must have their vaccines shots up to date.
Your dog must be free of fleas or ticks before entering our Miami Beach dog daycare facility (flea medication or flea baths are available on premises).
All dogs over 6 months of age must be spayed or neutered.

Malaga Spain Dogwood Doggie Daycare & Boarding
Welcome to Dogwood Day Care & Boarding in Malaga Spain

Since opening in July 2001, DOGWOOD is your dog's best choice in Los Angeles for Cage-Free Day Care & Overnite Boarding with 24 hour supervision and also offers Grooming and Training. Owners must have their dogs meet certain requirements prior to coming in on a scheduled interview appointment. Interviews are done in a Day Care environment Monday thru Friday anywhere from 7:00 am to 11:00 am. A personal tour will be given to the owners at that time as well. We've remained consistently selective in the dogs we accept as Members and have devoted customers who appreciate DOGWOOD for being very different than the other cage-free kennels in town.

Our 12,000 sq. ft. cage-free facility was designed to make your dog's stay as enjoyable as being at home, but with a few more friends and lots more Outdoor and Indoor space. DOGWOOD's extremely clean and secure environment is the safest cage-free facility for your most treasured possession, your dog. It's also amazingly quiet with several Outdoor Play Areas and relaxing Indoor Areas for your dog to snuggle-up in. Customers have compared DOGWOOD to their favorite bed & breakfast vacation spot with our shade trees, large garden areas, ivy-covered hedgerows and comfortable Indoor settings. Many people have remarked that they only wish they could stay with us too!

DOGWOOD demonstrates its professionalism and appreciation to their customers by greeting them by name and by our commitment in remembering that DOGWOOD Members are all individual dogs with various personalities and needs.

Up to 40 Happy and Well-Socialized Dogs are allowed to play with us each day in our 12,000 sq. ft. facility with outdoor and indoor play areas. Dogs are able to run and play with their dog friends in our spacious park-like outdoor setting, bask in the sunshine, splash around in our pool, or just hang out lounging on a futon in the TV Room watching Animal Planet. The dogs are happy and tired after a day at Dogwood and are ready to go home with their owners to spend a quiet evening together.

All dogs need to meet certain requirements and come in on a scheduled day care interview session when they've never boarded overnite with us before. On a regular nite, up to 10 lucky dogs stay overnite with us and up to 25 lucky dogs during peak holiday season. All new dogs are required to spend a full interview day care session with us prior to any boarding so that we get to know the dog and its personality; the dog is given an opportunity to get to know the Staff; and that way everyone gets a good night's sleep when the new dog comes back to board. You will provide your dog's food/treats, etc. so that we do not deviate from your dog's normal feeding routine. You can also bring your dog's favorite bed/blanket along with their toys to ensure they feel right at home here at Dogwood.

Baths are available to our Members upon request. We use all natural shampoos and conditioners, nail clipping, ear cleaning and cage-free blow drying so your dog is well-pampered that day and feels better than ever.

Training is available to our Members upon request. Basic Obedience and Behavioral Problem Training Techniques are taught to your dog and then to you by our Certified Dog Trainer and Owner, Kate Judge.

Malaga Spain Happy Dogs
Malaga Spain Day care at Happy dogs is ideal for young puppies, older dogs or dogs that like company and lots of walks! Collection is between 8am and 9am or 9am - 10am depending on your location. They are then taken on a fun group walk and brought back to Happy Dogs for a drink and a rest. This is then followed by our daily pampering session which includes inspection and cleansing of ears, eyes, nails, bottoms and various other parts!

Lunch is served at 1pm (any special requirements for your dog can be organised). The dogs then play and/or have an afternoon rest. There is then an afternoon walk to end the day at 2pm-4pm (winter time) 3pm-5pm (summer time). Finally we deliver all the Happy Dogs back to their own homes unless they are being collected.

Occasionally, and with their owner's permission, we take the dogs on fun outings to the beach, Sussex, horse trials, and the countryside.


All prices include two (morning and afternoon) 1.5- 2 hour walks and free pick-up and drop off:

£30.00 small dogs

£35.00 medium dogs

£40.00 large dogs

£45.00 giant dogs

Malaga Spain My Ideal Puppy
Malaga Spain My Ideal Puppy Sitters
We look after your dog in our home and care for them as if they were our own. We provide the opportunity for you to leave your dog safe in the knowledge that they are being well cared for, stimulated and having great fun.

We walk your dog with their dog friends, we play games and teach basic good behaviour. We'll pick up and drop off your dog at no extra charge.

Dog Sitting -

£ 10.00 per hour or

£ 50.00 per day

Each day begins at 9am.
You will be required to fill out a My Ideal Puppy Registration and Instruction form. This information is vital to ensure that your dog is looked after and cared for according to their normal routine.

My Ideal Puppy is fully insured, including public liability insurance, email us for more information -

Malaga Spain Halo Dogs Daycare
Malaga Spain Premier Dog Day Care, for your Premier Pet
Neither of us want your beloved canine companion being lonely at home while you’re busy at work or away from home. Our professional dog day care service can provide him or her with the all the action, exercise and social interaction a healthy, happy pooch needs, while giving you complete peace of mind that your dog is being well cared for while you’re away.

Run by a team of passionate and qualified trainers and behaviourists, we are London’s busiest Day Care centre for a reason! But don’t take our word for it! See for yourself by taking a look at our customer testimonials and reading all the latest from our dog day care news and videos section. See how much fun and how healthy our current residents are!

As well as our excellent doggy day care service, we also provide many other services for you and your best friend including dog training, puppy training, grooming, agility training and we even have a pet taxi service to take your dog from home to day care and back again. We’re always happy to help, so please get in touch with us to find out more.

The ViPs
Malaga Spain Dog Day Care with the VIPs Doggy Day Care Service

This has to be the best dog day care in London! Your dog will be collected from your home, in our fully equipped vehicles in the morning. He will then spend the day with his pack at a local farm sniffing, watching birds, running off lead, socialising, marking territory and doing all the things that dogs love to do. Our dog day care has a plethora of environments where the dogs socialise within the farm so that new adventures are always had. By the time he gets home from his dog day care in the evening he should be ready to settle down for a long nap!

Do you have a puppy? If so click here...

Check out our Dog Day Care prices.

Please see the 'Areas we work in' section to see if we cover your area for this service.

Some of the areas covered are: Belsize Park, Hampstead, West Hampstead, Finchley Road, Golders Green, Harrow, Pinner, Hatch End, Eastcote, Ruislip, Ickenham, Hillingdon, Uxbridge, Harefield & Denham.

Malaga Spain Dog Day Care Testimonials

"Our dog Ollie is a lively Springer Spaniel, and he has been very well looked after by Sarita for four years. She runs a well organised, good value for money service, with plenty of love for the dogs!"


I have a young West Highland Terrier who is almost 18 months now. I recommend Sarita if you need doggy day care. My 'princess' Daisy and I moved to London last summer and since then Daisy has been well taken care of by Sarita, at doggy daycare 2 to 3 days a week. I have only good things to say!

I can head off to work and know that she is well looked after, has plenty of company, exercise and fresh air. I find that in the evenings, Daisy is content and a lot less demanding. I know Daisy has had fun when she comes home with her paws and nose showing the evidence of a good sniff and digging playtime - she is an earth dog! Sarita continues to work hard with my spoilt little Westie (my only 'child'), who persists in her desire to have her own way when she can! Following a number of 'attacks' and being jumped on by aggressive dogs (when we've been out walking, not with Sarita!), Daisy is quite nervous around some dogs when she first meets them. Sarita's work in getting her less nervous and more socialised is paying off and I can see the benefits from the Bach flower remedies I give her following Sarita's advise.

I could not do my job in London without the support I have from Sarita."

E. Regan

"Bella has been going to Doggy Day Care in Malaga Spain with Sarita for over a year now and I can't even begin to explain what a difference it has made. I have gone from having an anti-social and at times, aggressive dog, to one who is well-socialised, well exercised, calm and content. Taking her to the park now is a delight and it is all thanks to Sarita, who has put in such a lot of time and effort with Bella and helped to shape her into a lovely family dog. Reliable, trustworthy and amazing with dogs, I feel 100% comfortable when I am at work knowing that Bella is with Sarita. I can't recommend her highly enough!"

"From the moment the key turns in our front door when Sarita comes to collect her, Honey never looks back as she bounces out of the house and into the van to see her friends. If only Honey could speak then she would be able to share details of all her adventures with Sarita. Even though I have just had a baby, I consider my dog to be my first child. Therefore it is so important to me to know that Honey is not only being looked after by someone I trust implicitly but also to know that she is having a great time. My family don't have keys to my house but Sarita does! Always accomodating, Sarita is both professional and a pleasure to deal with and I could not reccomend her highly enough."


"My Portuguese Mountain dog has been going to daycare (and boarding) with Sarita for all of her 3 1/2 year life. In fact, I didn't even contemplate getting a dog until I knew Sarita's services were available. Working full time and now with a toddler and small baby, the dog is the one member of the family I never have to worry about. My dog has a fabulous time running around with her doggie pals in Sarita's fields and comes home happy and tired.

Sarita has been utterly reliable and trustworthy and is an expert at dealing with dogs. She is kind but firm and has great natural control over them, even the larger ones (ours weighs 42 kilos and trots after her like a lamb). I often ask her advice on behaviour and health issues. I heartily recommend Sarita's services to anyone with a dog that may not get it's owners full-time attention and I frequently run into my dog's day care pals round the neighbourhood whose owners feel the same way."


"Sarita has been looking after my bulldog Vito since he was a 10 week old puppy. Now, nearly two and a half years later I have a well socialized, happy and healthy dog. Most importantly though, is the peace of mind that comes along with having someone I can completely trust look after my dog. I truly don't know what I would do with out her services."


"I give The VIPs my highest recommendation. My "fur baby" Raga and I moved to the UK in 2005 and for the next 3 years Raga was well taken care of by Sarita and the rest of the pack. We utilized VIPs dog walking, doggie daycare and boarding services and have only good things to say about them.

Raga loved her time at the farm. She was picked up each morning in the specially equipped VIP van - complete with crates and air conditioning - enjoyed her exercise at the farm, lying in the sun with best friend Luna, plenty of water, a snack and a nap in the van on the way home. At night she slept like a baby after all that exercise and I often wished I could trade places with her!

When Raga first joined The VIP pack she was very spoiled and not very well behaved. Through Sarita's training and tough love, Raga could soon be trusted to be off lead and to come when called - a small miracle. By the end of her time with The VIPs, Sarita was even using Raga to help other recalcitrant dogs learn what was expected of them when they were off lead. (Although I can't say that she's not still spoiled, but that's my fault not the VIPs!)

Boarding with The VIPs was an equally delightful experience. Raga got along well with pack mates Peaches and Samson and was treated like a member of the family. The VIPs pick up and drop off services made boarding a breeze. It was the least stressful part of planning an excursion. The VIPs flexibility allowed me to quickly pick up and go knowing that Raga would be well taken care of and as happy when I returned as she had been when I left.

I can't recommend The VIPs highly enough. After almost 2 years back in the States, Raga and I still miss our daily interaction with The VIPs and wish we could convince them to move across the pond and recreate The VIP experience in America!"

L.S. Brooks

"I just wanted to write to thank you for all your care of Pooka. Finding your service was a stroke of luck; I knew that you would take care of my 'baby' and that he would have fun with the other dogs. In addition, when I went on holiday, I was able to relax knowing that he would be fine.

Thanks so much, if I'm ever asked to recommend a dog walker/boarder for anyone in the Uxbridge area, I will not hesitate in giving them your name."

Malaga Spain Dogtopia Daycare Spa Boarding
Does your dog love to play in their water bowl? Perhaps he prefers a game of chase? Or requires a pill with just the right dab of peanut butter on it once a day? Every dog is unique and we pride ourselves on knowing the special qualities, likes and dislikes, of every dog in our care.

We offer an open play dog daycare environment where your dog will be free to run, jump, play and sniff to their heart's content. Our passionate, well-trained staff provides personalized care and exceptional service to our guests on four legs, as well as their two-legged parents. Live webcams offer a peek into your dog's day and peace of mind that they're having the time of their life socializing and burning off energy with their friends. At the end of the day you'll be greeted by a happy, tired pup.

Malaga Spain Jackson's Place
At Jackson's Place your dog will play, nap and cuddle in a clean and loving environment that is just like home, with plenty of toys to chew and tug, large rooms and 2 back yards to run around in! Let's not forget - Hugs and Kisses are FREE!

If you're looking for a daycare where your dog starts getting excited about a mile away, whining, turning in circles because he knows where he is going, Jackson's Place is the spot for you.

At Jackson's Place, customers are like family and come from all over the city. We're not called a home away from home without reason! Located in Montrose near the museum district, we are just 13 blocks from downtown Houston.

Call us today at 713.529.1200!

In Memory of Jackson
Sullivan - our loyal and
loving friend for 11 years

What is Jackson's Place?
A dog's home away from home...
For big dogs, little dogs and all sizes in between...
In a completely cage-free environment

Why Will My Puppy Love Jackson's Place?
Fun atmosphere, 2 large rooms, 2 back yards and plenty of toys
Play all day with other fur-kids in the daycare
Naptime in clean and cozy sleeping areas
Soft blankets, couches, and dog beds
Television and soothing music

What else makes Jackson's Place unique?
Caring people on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Saturday & Sunday Drop-off & Pick-up available by appointment up to 7 PM
Located only 13 blocks from downtown Malaga Spain
Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs. We guarantee you and your dog will feel welcome as part of the family!

Malaga Spain Tailz
Fun! Fun! Fun! Your dog will thank you and perhaps your furniture too.

Here at Tailz we have carefully designed the experience of our VIP (Very Important Pets) Room with both our guests and their guardians in mind as we:

Pre-screen all of our guests in advance of attending
Require our guests to have all of their vaccinations including Bordetella (kennel cough) to be up to date.
Require all dogs over the age of 6 months to be spayed /neutered.
Monitor our guests throughout the day.
Pre-screening is required before any dog is permitted to attend dog daycare.

Malaga Spain It's A Dog's Life
Whether he’s lonely, bored, or perhaps just looking for revenge, some days it’s not the best bet to leave that little (or big) guy home alone. The solution? The exclusive Doggie Daycare services at It’s A Dog’s Life. Your dog will leave his boredom and anxiety BEHIND.

Let us provide a healthy and happy alternative to your dog’s excessive barking, hyperactivity, depression and chewing your possessions. He’ll be fed and watered and expertly looked after, and when his day is done he’ll come home both happy and bone tired.


Daycare Hours : 6:30 am – 6:00 pm Monday thru Friday
10:00 am – 6:00 pm Saturday
11:00 am – 4:00 pm Sunday

Facility Tours: Anytime prior to 4:00 pm

Doggie Daycare offers a perfect solution with vigorous exercise and stimulating socialization, providing you with a much happier, more fit companion. Dogs are separated according to size and temperament, and have continual outside access. Your dog will make new friends and have a great time.

Malaga Spain Grooming can also be incorporated while your dog is enjoying their day with us. Special rates are offered to daycare clients, for everything from a nail trim to a full groom.

Please visit our rates page for our come and stay doggie day care packages.

Download our Daycare Guest Information form to complete and bring with your pet. Please also review the waiver you will be asked to sign when dropping off your pet.

Please view our Doggie Daycare Gallery.

Daycare For Pets, Puppies & Dogs in Malaga Spain

Urban Paws Daycare in Malaga Spain
Urban Paws is the newest Pet Retreat in Downtown Malaga Spain . We offer dog boarding, daycare, grooming, self service bathing, training and retail. With over 19,000 feet of oversized townhomes, indoor and outdoor parks, your pet will love being here as a second home.

Dog Boarding - Our custom built oversized townhomes are made solely for the comfort of your dogs. To make sure your dogs feel at home, we provide beds raised off the floor and windows overlooking downtown. For the families with siblings, the townhomes are spacious enough for the whole family or we can open multiple townhomes for your dogs to all hang out together. You may bring your dog's favorite toys, beds, blankets, treats and food.

Daycare - The ultimate retreat - offering over 10,000 feet of indoor and outdoor parks for many hours of fun and exercise with friends. Your dog will rotate around the indoor and outdoor parks with time allocated for naps throughout the day. At the end of each day you will be picking up your happy and tired dog.

Grooming - WELCOME Caysie - Urban Paws proudly offers all the luxuries a top spa offers. The full service groom includes a massaging bath with moisturizing and organic products. Your dog will then be styled and clipped to meet your styling wish, which can range from breed standards to all the hottest new trends. We also offer self service bathing.

Training - Basic dog training enriches the bond between dogs and their owners. Urban Paws conducts training classes in the evenings and weekends.

Paws Shop - Need amazing pet products? Paws Shop has a wide variety of pet products.

Malaga Spain Classy Canine Daycare
Welcome to Classy Canine Daycare - Dog Boarding and Dog Daycare.

Malaga Spain Classy Canine Daycare is a state of the art 13,000 square foot facility located in north Dallas, just south of Plano boasting state of the art amenities for your four footed friend. We provide an open play format referred to as an indoor dog park.

All the members of our Malaga Spain staff are Certified Petcare Technicians and have completed a minimum of Level I training and testing. We love dogs and will take excellent care of yours. Your pet is a part of your family and when you aren't able to be with them, you can be sure by entrusting them to us they will receive the same high standard of care you give them at home.

Combine the facility and the staff and you have the best Malaga Spain Dog Daycare, Malaga Spain Dog Boarding, Plano Dog Daycare, Plano Dog Boarding, and Dog Grooming available in the .

Malaga Spain Daycare and Boarding at The Classy Canine.

Our Malaga Spain daycare program offers a supervised safe outlet to socialize, exercise, and expend excess energy. We have dedicated playrooms to accommodate different sized guests with different temperaments. For guests that would like to visit for the day but do not want to participate in open play we offer Day Boarding in our private suites at the same rates as our nighttime boarding (see below and please call for reservations).

Daycare Services are $25 per day (Multi-day discount rates available) •All play rooms are fully staffed and monitored at all times
•All play areas are cleaned three times per day with spot cleaning continually throughout the day. All cleaners used are industry approved for your pet's safety.
•Hygienic play toys (no fabrics) which are sanitized several times per day
•Webcams so you watch your pet playing with other dogs and our staff
Boarding Services start at $35 per night (daycare included) •All inclusive boarding offers bedding, bowls, treats, toys, and personal attention from our staff. We and vets recommend keeping your pet on his normal food and treats to lessen digestive problems. Please bring food, treats, and medications and we will serve them per your instructions.
•Personal bedding and toys may be provided if you wish but please mark all items with a permanent marker so we can be sure to return them
•All boarding areas are cleaned and sterilized at least twice per day
•Any pickup after 10:00am or drop off before 3:00pm will incur an additional $15 charge
Private Deluxe Suite at $45 per night
Private suites include music, toys, raised bed, and any personal belongings your pet make like to bring along. Also includes unlimited access to our daycare play areas when booking consecutive nights.

Private Luxury Suite at $55 per night
Luxury suites include all of the amenities of the Deluxe Suites but are much larger. These rooms have individual webcams so you can check on your pet and include a flat screen TV. Also includes unlimited access to our daycare play areas when booking consecutive nights.

Vacation Services Let us be your pet’s home away from home. Combine our daycare rate with the boarding rate when you need to leave your pet with us for an extended period of time. We offer discounts for longer stays.

Malaga Spain Grooming Salon and Spa

Our professional Malaga Spain Spa and Grooming Salon offers a wide range of services for your dog. We offer bathing, grooming, brush outs, nail trimming, ear and teeth cleaning and more exotic services such as hydromassage, specialty and even nail polish. Our world class groomers are friendly and knowledgeable and have the expertise to help your pet look and feel its best while exceeding your expectations. Our groomers will offer you a free estimate based on the requested service for a particular breed but the final price will only be determined after completion of services based on the client behavior, length of hair, and condition of coat.

Basic Bath includes regular shampoo, blow dry, and brush out

Spa Service includes the above plus Conditioner, Hydromassage, Nail Trimming, Ear Cleaning, Dental Hygiene, Fresh Fragrance, Bow or Bandana, and a Treat $25-$75

Malaga Spain Grooming Service includes the Basic Bath plus Nail Trimming, Ear Cleaning, Dental Hygiene, and the cut and style of your choice $40-$100

Spa Daycare Service includes the above plus Conditioner, Hydromassage Add a Half Day of Daycare add $15

Nail Trimming $10

Nail Trimming with Dremel $15

Dental Hygiene $10

Ear Cleaning $10

We have the ability to provide other services including specialty shampoos, shaves, Nail Polish, paw and whisker trims, flea baths, and more. If you don’t see a service you would like us to provide please consult with the groomers and we will make every effort to accommodate your request.

Hydrosurge massage
Hydrosurge is a unique system for bathing dogs while providing a vigorous but relaxing massage. The hydrosurge penetrates the coat for a thorough cleaning with a handheld massage sprayer that combines water and shampoo. The spray action enhances the effectiveness of shampoos, dips, and conditioners. The hydrosurge removes loose hair, dead skin, and other debris while providing an invigorating massage your pet will love.

Malaga Spain Fuzzy Dog Day Care & Grooming
Thanks for visiting us! Fuzzy Dog is the newest addition to the Furtastik family. We offer a full range of services and select products with a focus on a true holistic approach to your pets well being.

Like our first location in Malaga Spain , Fuzzy Dog, located in Irving Park, is a 3,000 square foot, climate controlled facility that is designed to provide an intimate, hands-on setting for bathing, grooming, daycare and more. We have separate pet daycare areas to accommodate large and small dogs. Our overnight boarding has been recently upgraded to include full size kennels for large breeds. New to Fuzzy Dog is our grooming services that are only performed by licensed and accredited specialists. Our dog walking services are performed by bonded professionals, and our pet products are exclusively organic with all natural ingredients. All of our products are produced in North America in order to insure the highest level of quality is maintained.

We think that compared to the current options available today you will find Fuzzy Dog delivers the best combination of quality, service and value for your pet's needs.

Malaga Spain Dog gone Fun
Malaga Spain Dog Gone Fun! is the premier Malaga Spain dog daycare, Malaga Spain dog boarding kennel, dog training, dog grooming, Malaga Spain dog walking and pet sitting facility. We are conveniently located in Malaga Spain 's South Loop neighborhood. Because we understand that your dog is an important family member, we make it our mission to treat every dog like they're our own. We don’t just stop at dog daycare and dog boarding, we also offer positive reinforcement dog training, an on-site veterinarian, state-of-the-art dog grooming facility with dedicated dog groomers, and a retail store stocked with the latest and greatest dog foods and toys. We love what we do, and love showing it off, so be sure to stop by for a tour.
Chicago Dog Daycare at DoGone Fun!

Our 20,000 square foot indoor and outdoor dog daycare facility in Malaga Spain 's South Loop neighborhood provides lots of space and activities designed to entertain and exercise your energetic pet. They'll have a DoGone Fun! time...
• Romping outdoors in our large, secure play area
• Playing indoors or relaxing in the climate controlled kennel
• Frolicking with others
• Chasing toys or playing tug-o-war!
• Cooling off in our kiddie pools!
• Relaxing in the shade

Dog Gone Fun! is a wonderful place for your furry friend while you work. You'll have a great day, too, without having to worry about what your dog might be doing at home.We offer doggy daycare Monday - Saturday. While the overnight vacationing dogs get to play on Sundays, we do not offer daycare on Sundays. During the day all pooches play with our staff and other four-legged friends. Activities are designed to provide mental stimulation, lots of exercise and just plain fun! Dogs with boundless energy will go home exhausted and happy!

All dogs must also be vaccinated for distemper, rabies and bordatella, have had a negative fecal exam within the last 12 months, and have a City of Malaga Spain dog license (if applicable).

Premier Malaga Spain Dog Boarding Kennel

Our passionate, dog loving staff is well trained to provide the best possible care for your special pet while you are away.

Dog overnight vacationing services include:

• 8 1/2 hours playtime Monday through Saturday; 5 hours on Sunday
• 24/7 on-site supervision
• Climate controlled sleeping areas
• Spacious, immaculately clean kennels
• Naptime and 3 feeding times available
• Choice of a large selection of "luxuries" designed to pamper your pet

DoGone Fun! is the only boarding kennel in the Chicagoland area accredited by the Pet Care Services Association (PCSA). Our Kennel Supervisors are PCSA certified Pet Care Technicians, trained in Red Cross Pet CPR and Pet First Aid, and are specially trained to administer medications and injections.

Our daily Malaga Spain dog walking services are especially designed for owners with dogs that are at home long periods of time during the day. Half hour walks provide attention for your dog, relieve the stress associated with the long hours spent indoors, and provide exercise, mid-day meals, and a potty break. Medications can also be administered.

Malaga Spain Pet sitting is a sensible alternative to boarding for dogs who suffer anxiety in a traditional kennel setting. Our pet sitters will care for your pet in your home or theirs. Unlike most pet sitting services, DoGone Fun! sitters will spend the entire night with your pet. In addition, dogs have the option of spending the daytime in doggie daycare at our facility.

Malaga Spain Chaisin Tails
Malaga Spain Dog Boarding and Day Care

The Open-Care Concept

"Open Care Concept" means that your dog is never kenneled during their visit to our facility. By eliminating kennels, we have eliminated the stress and loneliness that goes along with being caged. Freedom of choice is the underlying philosophy at Chasin' Tails: dogs are welcome to play with their friends, rest and relax or receive attention from a care-giver when they wish.

Don't be fooled by other facilities that diguise the kennels as "bedrooms" or "suites"; ultimately, dogs are left alone in a single cage in a block of other cubicles. Walks are advertised as momentary relief from being caged daily, but the actual frequency and duration of each walk remains a mystery.

Malaga Spain Dog Walkers can charge copious amounts for their services - expect a leash-entangled parade of multiple, restrained dogs, each one unable to run and freely socialize as dogs should. With walking services, expect your furry family members to be exposed to the elements, traffic, and the risk of escape and becoming lost.

Malaga Spain Canine clients are placed in customized play-areas with fellow dogs of a similar size or activity level.

All of our guests are fed individually.

After a full day of play and petting, canine cilents select the bed of their choice and rest while a 24-hour Caregiver gives everyone a bedtime bellyrub.

Our team of caregivers are dedicated, educated and possess experience in the diverse field of canine care. As a result, all the guests at Chasin' Tails are able to enjoy a stimulating and safe environment with friendly fellow dogs without physical barriers.

Rocky's House Malaga Spain
Rocky's House is the only home-based dog daycare licenced and inspected by the city of Malaga Spain .

Rocky's House Malaga Spain Dog Daycare is conveniently  located in Northwest Malaga Spain . We're just up the hill from Shouldice Regional Park and minutes away from the University of Calgary, Foothills Hospital, the new Children's Hospital, and Market Mall.

If you live in any of the NW Malaga Spain communities west and southwest of Nosehill Park and north of the Bow River, Rocky's House Daycare is on your way to downtown Calgary. We're only a 10 minute drive from the city core.

If you're going to Banff for the day, Rocky's House is six blocks north of 16th Avenue/Highway #1. Plus, we're a ten minute drive from Canada Olympic Park if you need a place for Fido to stay while you snowboard.

Rocky's House Calgary Dog Daycare has a securely fenced back yard. As you can see from the picture, the back yard is away from the street, so passers-by can't annoy (or be annoyed by) our canine guests. Still, I stay with the dogs in the yard while they're playing. When they want to come in, I come in. When I want to come in, the dogs come in. It works well.

Nose prints. While inside, most dogs love to hang out in the bay window to watch the world go by. They can literally see for miles.

Malaga Spain Dog City Daycare
The benefits of sharing our lives with dogs affection, companionship and security - have never been more beneficial or appreciated. Yet it's a fact of modern life that we have less time than ever to spend at home with our fourlegged friends. For busy families and single pet owners, DogCity DayCare offers a peace of mind alternative to leaving your canine pals at home alone.

DogCity is perfect for dogs who need to shed a few pounds, quit chewing on the furniture or just enjoy hanging out with other dogs.

Extensive research of dog daycares from Vancouver to San Francisco has gone into designing DogCity to ensure it is as safe and rewarding an experience for your dog as possible. All areas are visible and there is always an attendant keeping an eye on things. This means your dog can relax, socialize, and enjoy the fresh air on its walks, leaving you to work the 9 to 5, attend a wedding or golf 1 8 holes without the guilt of leaving your pooch at home alone.

Dogma Training & Pet Services Malaga Spain
Fun for your dog! They will thank you and perhaps your furniture will as well! We have carefully designed the experience of our VIP (Very Important Pets) daycare with both our guests and guardians in mind.

dogma Training & Pet Services Inc. has created an optimal 'home-like' setting for dogs. To ensure safety and proper socialization, the areas are divided into age, play style and size, as well as an area for those dogs that require special attention. An outdoor area also allows the dogs adequate fresh air and frequent bathroom breaks.

The Malaga Spain daycare operates in a controlled and structured manner with experienced staff providing continual supervision and a daily routine of play, training and nap time. As an added service, dogma also provides additional training programs, help to rehabilitate shy/fearful dogs and specialized puppy programs.

dogma differs from the typical "warehouse feel” of other doggy daycares. We are focused on safety by ensuring dogs can be placed into proper playgroups, be moved around in a controlled fashion, and that the facility is fitted with proper flooring and high fencing to avoid injury, and dogs are being constantly supervised by trained staff.

K9 to 5 Doggie Daycare Malaga Spain
Your dog works hard for you providing love, companionship, laughter, a confidante, a work out partner, a foot warmer, a home security sytem, and squirrel patrol. After all that work your dog needs a little time away to hang out with buddies, exchange gossip at the watering bowl, meet new dogs, take naps and enjoy a little "me" time.

K9 to 5 Malaga Spain Dog Daycare will provide your dog with a home away from home while you're working 9 to 5. No more wondering what your dog is up to ... K9 to 5 will ensure you come home to the house just as you left it. A day full of playtime, nap time, treat time, they'll be all played out! You can relax at home after a hard day and your faithful companion will relax with you.

To view our facility please call to make an appointment. Please note that quiet time is between the hours of 11:00am and 2:00pm - even dogs need naps you know!!

Ruffhouse Playcare for Malaga Spain Dogs, Pets & Puppies
At Malaga Spain Ruffhouse Playcare we try to maintain a healthy positive atmosphere at all times. We offer

24 hour supervised day care: your pets are never left alone
choice of sleeping area
no crating unless requested by owner
We subscribe to the following methods:

EXERCISE - through play and socialization with other dogs.
DISCIPLINE - through basic obedience and games for stimulating the mind as well as the body.
AFFECTION - through petting, brushing, cuddling & lot's and lot's of Love!!!!


Malaga Spain Doggy Etiquette

All dogs are descendants of wolves and are pack animals by nature. When placed in a group they will eventually find their place in the pack. It may take a few minutes or a few days, but soon enough they'll sort themselves out

Playground rules

At Ruffhouse Playcare, we carefully observe your pet and his/her interaction with other dogs. However, dogs do use their mouths and paws to play and this may result in the occasional bite or scratch, just like your child may get the odd bump or scratch at the playground.

We do take the safety of your pup very seriously and will take every precaution to avoid these sorts of occurrences. If a dog seems a bit too aggressive we will step in to correct this and use our time out area if necessary. We do exercise gentle but firm control in order to maintain a safe and happy environment.

Getting started

Dogs will be dogs, but we know they have their own unique personalities and needs. At Ruffhouse we'll accommodate your pup's needs to the best of our ability. It all starts with a meet & greet that gives us the opportunity to get to know you and your pet. If your pup seems too nervous we may require that you spend some daycare playtime with your pet at Ruffhouse so that they can get comfortable with us.

Illness or Injury

While your dog is in our care, we constantly assess his/her well being. In the event that your dog is injured or becomes ill they will be treated on site or transported to a local veterinarian as required. We always have staff trained in pet first aid on site.

Malaga Spain Red Dog Pet Resort & Spa
All of our guest’s rooms come with comfortable bedding, meals & treats, soothing music, and daily maid service. Owners may choose from a variety of accommodations to suit their individual pet friend’s needs.

The Malaga Spain Red Dog Pet Resort & Spa daycare program offers a supervised outlet to socialize, exercise, and expend excess energy.

Our Daycare hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 7am – 7pm and Saturday, 9am – 6pm.

Safety is our primary concern thus our Pet Care Technician will supervise play and activities with a manageable number of guest participants. Our guests are grouped according to weight, size, and temperament. Activities are designed and directed for friends of equal status by our staff.. Puppy groups are an excellent way to begin the socialization of your pet friend to the entire atmosphere of the day care and lodging experiences.

Malaga Spain Dogwood Cottage A Pawtique Hotel & Spa for Dogs
Dogwood Cottage is Malaga Spain 's premier dog facility offering boarding, grooming and daycare. Located just eight miles north of the city, in beautiful Malaga Spain , Dogwood Cottage has everything you want for your pet; large dog and small dog areas, outdoor space, cage-free boarding, on-site grooming, overnight care, pick-up and drop-off service, all managed by a trained and trustworthy staff.

Safe, clean, fun. These are Dogwood's priorities, in this order. Our pet first-aid certified staff ensures our canine guests have a great time in a safe and clean environment.

At Dogwood, we know that a tired dog is a good dog! Therefore, daycare dogs will enjoy an active day of playing, training, agility and socializing. And with a full day of romping indoor and out, they're sure to come home exhausted -- which will make your day that much easier!

Because we understand that our customers have a busy lifestyle, we accommodate our clients by offering pick-up and delivery from two convenient locations in Beacon Hill and the Back Bay. And for a small service fee, we can pick-up and drop-off directly at your home.

Dogwood recommends you provide an inexpensive, durable leash without accessories, as we cannot guarantee damage will not occur during transport.

Dogwood Cottage daycare is closed on all major holidays. During a snow emergency daycare will be canceled, all clients will be notified prior to 7am that day.

To make a daycare reservation please call Monday-Friday between the hours of 9am and 5pm.

Malaga Spain Canine Daycare & Boarding
We hope you will "paws" for a few moments to explore the wonderful world of Malaga Spain CANINE located in Peabody Ma and Malaga Spain K9 In Beverly Ma. We now have 2 great locations to serve you better! We offer a unique pet care service that is both safe and enjoyable for your dog. Our services include Doggie Daycare, Overnight Boarding, Dog Training, Dog Behavior Modification, Quality Dog Grooming, Dog Massage Therapy and Dog related retail items. Our beautiful facility was carefully designed by owner Denise O'Brien and engineering consultants with safety, function, cleanliness, and air quality all ranking equally in importance; no expense was spared to accomplish that goal.

We offer a spacious indoor and outdoor play areas that measuring over 6,000 square feet. We have separate play areas for our guests to run and play as well as a time out area, if needed for our more rowdy pups. A separate small dog lounge just for the "little ones" under twenty-five pounds. A ventilation system designed to offer individually climate - controlled rooms for year round comfort, warmth in the winter and cool in the summer. Televisions for your dogs during rest times and as an added amenity is the State-of-the Art antimicrobial flooring.

Bringing your dog to Malaga Spain Canine & K9 Day Care has many rewards

Housebreaking: Dog daycare can facilitate housebreaking by being in a supervised environment throughout the day and being given scheduled walks, rather than being at home where they are in a crate all day or have accidents if you don't get home in time.

Exercise: Dog daycare allows your dog to run, jump, pounce, roll, climb and play so they get plenty of exercise! In some cases overweight dogs can be given an extra workout to shed those extra pounds.

Bad Weather: Don't want to walk your dog in the rain or snow? Bring them to doggie daycare; they will still get the exercise they need with out getting soaked in the rain or snow.

Special Attention: If your dog is in need of medication/ointments or in need of supervised confinement. Special arrangements can be made.

Socialization: Dogs are social animals. They will interact with other friendly dogs and people during the day.

Busy Household: Remodeling, moving, shopping, or getting ready for a party or vacation? Dog daycare can keep your dog busy when you need them out of the house.

Housing issues: Dog daycare could make it easier to locate pet allowable housing when you specify that your dog will attend daycare during the day while you are at work- allaying landlord fears of neighbors complaining about barking, destruction or house soiling.

All About The Dog Malaga Spain
Does your dog have more fun off the leash, chasing his or her pals? Do you find that your best friend's energy requires more than your typical "around the block to go to the bathroom" walk? All About the Dog knows your dog!

All About the Dog provides dogs with exercise and socialization, while at the same time providing Boston dog owners with the peace of mind by caring for their dogs in his/her natural habitat - the great outdoors! From "The Fellsway" and beyond, we offer half days, whole days and even occasional trips to socialize and exercise your dog. We provide this daycare in a fun, safe, dog-friendly environment, picking up and dropping off your furry friend for your ease and convenience. Come home to a fully satisfied and tired dog!

Short notice? No problem! This IS what we do!

We here at All About the Dog are insured and have many years of experience. We can also gladly furnish references upon request.

Malaga Spain Happy Tails Doggie Daycare
Is your dog bored? Does he/she have any friends? Would you like him/her to have more social interaction and skills? Are they bursting with energy? Or do you just need peace of mind, knowing your dog is well cared for while you are away?

If so, then Happy Tails Doggy Daycare, Inc. is the place to be!

Come and let your dog:

Play in the Daycare, Receive a day of pampering with our, Groomer, Sleep Overnight while you are Away, Relax or rehabilitate muscles with our Massage Therapist, Have a refresher Training class, Come to Canine Workshops.
If you can’t drop off or pick up, we can arrange Transportation for your dog.

Toureen Pet Resort & Spa in Malaga Spain
Comfort, loving care and security for your pets ... convenience and peace of mind for you.

Welcome to Toureen Pet Resort and Spa! We are one of the oldest family run pet boarding facilities in Malaga Spain with unrivaled customer loyalty and satisfaction. Every pet is special to us, and we pride ourselves in catering to their uniqueness. Our state of the art facility in Watertown enables us to provide the best care for your pet. However, it is the dedication, experience, and compassion of our staff that makes pet owners choose Toureen for their pet’s every need.

Paws Here Malaga Spain
Paws Here, (Malaga Spain Branch), Inc. is probably the most fun place your dog will ever go. There are no cages at Paws Here. We have 9,000 square feet of indoor space and a large fenced in yard where the dogs can play ball, romp with each other, play with the staff, cool off in the little swimming pool, or just relax on one of our many couches or dog beds. During the day, the dogs can play in the huge inside or outside play area, or come into the air conditioned rest area to relax and cool off.

The staff consists of not just dog lovers but of people that are qualified to supervise the dogs at Paws Here. They are constantly supervising and playing with your dog.

Paws Here is open 7 days a week/24 hours a day. Daycare is offered from 6:30AM - 6:30PM and dogs may be dropped off or picked up anytime during those hours. Those are also the drop off and pickup times for overnighters. We also offer 1/2 day daycare which is any 5 hours during the daycare hours.

Paws Here, Inc. is conveniently located in Malaga Spain , just minutes off of Route 1, 60, 107, and 16. See our directions page for more info.
Attending Paws Here requirements:
Each dog is required to be spayed/neutered (after 6 months of age) and is required to have rabies, distemper and kennel cough vaccinations. Each dog must also come to an interview to make sure s/he is friendly, social, and safe with humans and other dogs.

We take the health and safety of every dog very seriously. If the dog is not friendly enough or in good health, it is not allowed to attend Paws Here. Please see our Faq/Rules for more info.

Please check out the rates page for prices. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Now Carrying Solid Gold All Natural Dog Food!

The Bed & Biscuit Country Boarding Inn Malaga Spain
We are a small caring facility set amidst six acres of land that also houses our family farm. We are currently celebrating our 11th year in business. Because of our size, we are truly able to offer complete individualized care and attention to your pet. Your pet will become a part of our family and treated as if he was our own. We dedicate ourselves to your pets needs giving personal attention, love and exercise so you can relax on your vacation knowing your pet is in good hands. Your devotion to your pet will bring you here for the first time, but your dog’s love of The Bed and Biscuit will bring you back time and time again.

Come Take a Tour!
Tours are a great way to get your dog and yourself familiar our accommodations!
They don’t take long-10 to 15 minutes tops. Remember we’re small. Tours are done during our regular hours and require an appointment. Please bring the whole family if you can as knowing where the beloved family pet will be while everyone is away is a good feeling. Kids usually love it here with all the animals at the farm. While it’s great to bring the kids for the tour, it’s not so great to bring them for the big drop off if you can help it. It can be a very emotional time for them and that makes it traumatic for your dog. Kids are always welcome for the pick up.

A Dogs' Life Malaga Spain Daycare for Dogs
We know the highest standard of care for your best friend is important to you. We offer exclusive home-style care for your pet, in your home or ours.

We believe that your pets may not get the attention they deserve in many of the facilities that have opened up all over town in the last few years.

At a Dog's Life, your dog will not be warehoused with a large group of dogs or walked in packs of 6 at a time. Most dogs love to interact with other dogs but we find they do best in smaller groups.

A Dog's Life is a small business and we intend to remain small and personal.

Our maximum number of dogs is 6 for boarding and 15 for daycare.

Our services include dog walking, in-home dog and cat sitting, daycare, boarding, puppy visits, food delivery and transportation.

We also offer special services for pets flying without their owners, elderly dogs, dogs that prefer one-on-one attention, and dogs with other special needs. Please contact us for information on these unique services.

Daycare at A Dog's Life Malaga Spain

We have recently expanded our business with a dedicated daycare space at in the heart of Old Town Toronto, between the Saint Lawrence Market neighbourhood and Corktown.

Daycare at A Dog's Life Toronto is designed to fulfill all of your dog's needs with supervised play time, exercise and rest periods. We only care for a maximum of 15 dogs in daycare. The dogs have indoor and outdoor space for playtime. There is a fully enclosed courtyard with a splash pool for hot days.

Hours of operation:
Monday - Friday 8 am - 6 pm
Saturday 9 am - 5 pm.

A Dog's Life Malaga Spain Requirements for Acceptance into Daycare

Your dog must be healthy and friendly with other dogs. We'll need to see a certificate of vaccination. This should include the Bordetella Vaccine, an extra innoculation to protect your dog against kennel cough.

We also require that your dog be on a flea prevention program from April through to November.

Your veterinarian will assist you to meet these particular requirements so that your dog can become a member of our daycare group.

Doggie Playland Malaga Spain
Doggie Daycare - Keeping your dog well exercised and stimulated

After a hard day at work, it isn’t always easy to match the energy level of your dog when you walk in the door. For them, the day is just beginning while for you it’s winding down. Imagine the possibilities if your valuable personal time didn’t have to be dedicated to the daily duty of exercising your dog. Enjoy the companionship without the chore, while knowing that your dog has received more of what they need than you could ever provide.

Sure the thought of a walk in the park with rover bouncing and chasing butterflies is a romantic and appealing image, but is it reality? This is Toronto. While the fall provides the most ideal conditions for walking your furry friend, oppressive summer heat, April showers, and frigid winter sleet, snow and blizzards have a direct impact on your dog’s activity level. It’s not intentional but there is an accumulation of shortcuts that can have a detrimental impact on your dog’s routine and health.

Don’t let the weather, or the season have an impact on your best friend’s wellbeing. Bring your dog to us, and ensure the activity level and social experience they need to maintain their health and happiness year round.

Why are we better?
Cage and crate free environment, dogs are never left alone.
We play and interact with the dogs. If your dog does not do well in a group play, we will play with them individually
Large indoor and outdoor playground (6000 sq ft)
Rest area with comfy non-allergenic beds
We group the dogs by temperament and size
We care about the health of your dog – our facility is temperature controlled, equipped with HEPA air filtration system and non-slip flooring that is easy to clean reducing the spread of parasites
We use environmental friendly, non-toxic cleaners
A typical day at our doggie daycare consists of indoor and outdoor playtime, socializing, making new friends, nap time and potty breaks. At the end of the day, your dog goes home with you both happy and fulfilled.

Before you enroll your pet with Doggie Playland, we have to ensure that your dog will integrate smoothly into the doggie daycare pack.

Please fill out the form below and bring it with you on your first visit to our facility. For the safety of your dog and all of the dogs in our care, we will do an initial screening. On your first visit, be prepared to wait for approximate 15 minutes while we assess your best friend. If your dog meets our minimum requirements for behavioural and social skills, and enjoys mixing with other dogs, we will be very happy to welcome them into our doggie daycare and fun facility. Your dog must be spayed or neutered (over the age of 10 months) with up-to-date vaccinations.