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Lisa is pet of the year  


Lisa is a 2 year old mix breed fox dog who just wants to play all day, with anything, including cats (if they would just stop running away or arching their back) and pigeons. We adopted her at the age of 6 months from a dog shelter. As a young dog she had great fun playing with all the other dogs that gather in the evenings in the park opposite our house, until one day an American Staffordshire, who was unrestrained, grabbed her by the throat. She had suffered a trauma following which she would not go near the park when big dogs were there. Now, more than a year later, she has overcome her fear of big dogs, provided they don’t look intimidating, and she plays with the small dogs in the park. Her best friend is an Italian Greyhound (commonly known as a miniature Greyhound) called Richie. Lisa outruns Richie.

Lisa is cuddly and one of her favorite positions is to cuddle up to her “parents” while they watch TV. If there is a blanket involved, like in the picture, she can easily fall asleep (preferably under the blanket) with a look on her face that says “I am in heaven”.

During her first year with us she slept in her bed (basket) in our bedroom. Then one day she relocated to the study and she now sleeps on the sofa there. She probably needed her privacy.