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Featured Pretoria Gauteng South Africa K9 Security Company:

Zanmarheim K9 & Security Services
Our K9 security dogs and training facilities located in Pretoria, South Africa are professional and deliver on results.  We specialize in all aspects of K9 Security training.

 Budapest Hungary Pet Food Store:

If you are looking for a reliable Budapest Hungary based supplier for pet food produced by leading brands we would be happy to be your first choice.

We offer low prices and friendly, helpful customer service; not to mention the huge assortment of the latest pet foods available via our website or in our pet shops.

You can order online for fast delivery, or visit one of our two conveniently located Budapest pet shops to collect your dog food and view the wide selection of pet supplies.

Mike's Dog Walking - Jerusalem Israel

Daily dog walks with Mike
I will care for your pets when you can't. Need your pet looked after while you're away? I am a reliable, mature person with a car living in South Jerusalem, Israel, who loves animals and walking.

My services include daily dog walks, and feeding and playing with your pet when you are away. You can rely on me if you’re away at work for the day or for longer. I can also provide home services, like taking in your mail, and hosting your dog at my home. Shomer Shabat.

Jerusalem Dog Walking - Pet Sitting

Your Dog's Home Away From Home in Jerusalem
You have found an excellent and professional dog walker and pet sitter. I will take the best care of your pet, your loved one will be totally safe in my hands! I take only up to 2-3 dogs at a time and work from home so your dog gets 100% attention that he needs. I have a lot of experience as I have been pet sitting for a while now, have owned my own dog in the past and grew up with German Shepherds being breeded in my own home by my father! I live right next to a dog park. I make sure that all of the dogs that stay with me get plenty of walks and plenty of exercise. My rates are very reasonable.

Find K9 Security Jobs Anywhere in the USA

K9 Security Guards
K9 Security Guard Jobs 
K9 Security Guard Jobs Portal is the Premier Web Portal for finding K9 Security Guard and Security Officer jobs all over US. You will be able to find the K9 jobs for your state or for your zip code. 

Paris France Dog Training, Behavior, Clicker-Training

paris dog training - puppy training in paris
Cani Class
Gentle, Modern and Reliable Training Methods Respectful towards Humans and Dogs.  CANI CLASS provides lessons in your home to help you train your dog or correct any behavior issue.  Training in English and French.

Welcome to Shanghai Dog Walk!

My name is Stephan, I am a 29 year old Frenchy living in the big city of Shanghai China and offering my services in dog walking & pet sitting, overnight boarding, hotel pet visits, and also in home pet grooming!

My mission is simple: To provide you and your pets with safe, dependable, and trustworthy pet care services.

I am dedicated to ensuring your pet receives the personalized care and attention it deserves, in order to keep it fun and stimulating for them!

Featured Nairobi Kenya Breeders & Groomers:

Doggieworld Limited
On Mombasa Road near Syokimau Railway Station.
Dog breeding, pet grooming and veterinary services at affordable prices!

Vancouver BC Chihuahua Puppies For Sale:

chihuahua puppy for salechihuahua puppies for salechihuahua motherchihuahua puppies father
15 days chihuahua puppies for sale are looking for their home. Great bloods, rare type "cobby" (apple head, short nose) Mother Chihuahua brought from Russia, so no blood mixing. Parents with documents. Only for the families with children over 10 years or without children. Not for breeding. We have 2 puppy girls and a puppy boy.

Featured Pet Of The Year:


Lisa is a 2 year old mix breed fox dog who just wants to play all day, with anything, including cats (if they would just stop running away or arching their back) and pigeons. We adopted her at the age of 6 months from a dog shelter. As a young dog she had great fun playing with all the other dogs that gather in the evenings in the park opposite our house, until one day an American Staffordshire, who was unrestrained, grabbed her by the throat. More info  

Featured Vancouver BC Canada German Shepherd K9 Protection dog for sale:

Eeros - Male German Shepherd for sale, Sable. 3 years old canine.  Fully trained Security Patrol Dog for sale. Has been in service in Vancouver, BC Canada. Looking for a home for this highly trained personal protection K9 dog, as his handler cannot keep him. He is obedience trained & very protective. He is social and safe with children. He is up to date on vaccinations and is un-altered but is not suitable for breeding. Price: $2500.00 (Serious inquiries only) CKC Registered. This German Shepherd guard dog for sale is trained for protection and will do his job well!

Featured Windsor ON Canada professional dog walking company:

K-9 Fitness
I have developed K-9 Fitness after my lifelong love of dogs, cats and all other pets.  K9 Fitness offers dog walking and pet sitting in the Windsor ON and surrounding areas. We also offer puppy pee breaks, as puppies generally cannot hold themselves for more then 4 hours. K-9 Fitness Dog Walking is a fitness routine. Along with your veterinarian recommended diet needs, K9 Fitness helps with reducing weight, or maintaining your dog's current weight. This exercise not only helps your pet's physical health, but its' mental health as well. Exercise can also help curve destructive patterns caused by boredom by stimulating the mind and tiring the pet out.

Featured Vancouver BC Canada dog walking company:

Lady & The Hound Dog Walking
Leave your best friend with someone you can trust.  Let me create a healthy & happy lifestyle for your pet.
With Lady and the Hound you can rest assured that your best friend will be with someone both you and your dog can trust. If you work full time and can't give your dog the exercise and socialization they need during the day, then you need a dog walker! Giving your dog a happy and healthy lifestyle is what we love to do, so you can enjoy a more balanced and relaxed pet at home. We welcome all breeds of dogs.

Featured Ottawa ON Canada K-9 Obedience & Protection Training Company:

 Trillium K-9 Obedience & Protection Training

Here at Trillium K-9 Training, we have a single goal in mind; to ensure that every dog we have the privilege of working with becomes a permanent, beloved, trusted and happy member of his/her family. We would like to offer you the opportunity to own and spend your life with a fully trained dog and know what it feels like to live with a happy, balanced and 100% obedient companion. We offer 'In-home' and 'Board & Train' packages but specialize in fully Pre-Trained dogs. Our Pre-Trained dogs are generally pups that have been bred and raised in home from Capital Cane Corso, however we are always happy to assist in every aspect of acquiring a new puppy, from breeder research to puppy selection and Pre-Training the pup prior to him/her going into your home, no matter what the breed.

Training packages range from Basic Obedience to Advanced Obedience as well as Personal/ Family and Estate Protection. Our dogs are individually tailored to suit our clients' needs. All Protection training is done for real life scenario, not for sport. All of our trained dogs are excellent with children and are either good with or will ignore other pets and animals, they are also good with the general public. We train to provide the absolute best companions possible, whether it is strictly obedience or with added protection training, the first priority is putting a solid, trustworthy and highly obedient and loving dog into our clients' homes. Our Protection Trained dogs provide the absolute highest level of personal/family and home security, the true feeling of safety will be undeniable when you have your fully trained Protection dog in your home.

Vancouver BC Canada Pet Friendly Realtor:

Maria Dream Homes
Vancouver BC is spectacular by nature. Besides nature, life in Vancouver evolves pretty much around real estate and pets. Owning a dog is huge in Vancouver.  Maria Chaplinskya is a "mother" of beautiful Chihuahua puppies, and has been a pet owner for many years.  Having a pet friendly realtor will be beneficial to you. A pet friendly realtor will better understand your needs and concerns. 

Vancouver BC Canada Pet, Puppy & Dog Photographer:

Vancouver pet photographer Karen Moe is committed to creating beauty and loves to photograph people and pets, both in a studio setting and in locations that complement her client’s unique features and personality.

The sensitivity and insight Karen has developed as a visual artist give her the ability and joy of creating images that represent the unique qualities of both people, pets and their relationships.

Karen Moe Photography offers High-End Dog Art Portrait Shoots, Commercial Photography for Dog-related Businesses, Cat Portraits and, Children, Family, Head Shots and Portrait Photography. She is also an expert in Photo-Restoration.

Karen Moe pet photography specializes in large format dog art (up to 30" X 40") that adds an exquisitely personalized touch to any Dog-Lover's home or office.

Featured Budapest Hungary Largest Boarding Facility in the country:

Dogmopolite boarding: We are a Budapest, Hungary-based, state-of-the-art boarding service, including largest covered area for the dogs in the country!

Featured Phoenix Metro,Tucson and Northern Arizona USA Pet Health Care Insurance:

United Pet Care is even better than pet insurance! Why?

Only $12.99/month guarantees what pet insurance doesn't: savings on every veterinary visit.  Why pay the high price of pet healthcare insurance every month, plus an added deductible per incident, without even knowing what, or if, you will be reimbursed?

With United Pet Care’s pet healthcare program, every pet is eligible regardless of their age, pre-existing conditions, or breed- specific conditions, all at one low price. And, the price doesn’t increase as your pet ages.

Featured Cincinnati OH USA America's Premier Dog Barkery:

Give A Doggy A Bone:
All natural homemade dog treats made fresh daily. Your dog will love our healthy, homemade treats baked at home from our kitchen! Our biscuits are made with all-natural ingredients, no preservatives. We use only the healthiest, finest ingredients such as whole wheat flour, skim milk and fresh cage-free eggs. We use real chicken in our chicken treats. Even our "peamutt butter" is made here at the barkery using fresh, whole peanuts which we roast and grind ourselves with no added salt or oil! Our treats come in many varieties just like your dogs! From Rover's Reeses to DoggyLishus Fries, Tail Waggers to Peamutt Butter Pup Cups, there is a treat to please every palate.

Featured Kemptville Ottawa ON Canada Off Leash No Cage Dog Boarding And Grooming Company:

AreaK9 is a licensed dog boarding facility unlike any other around the Ottawa area. The entire acre is fenced in and includes huge pine trees, an apple orchard, some small trails and absolutely no cages.

Your canine is treated like part of our family and has free run of the property without restraints or leashes. And, when the heat or cold gets too much for outside play, the dogs can relax in the climate controlled interior of the house.

More than anything else dogs enjoy having fun ... Running is fun, jumping onto beds is fun, jumping off beds is fun, and playing with other dogs is the best fun of all. 

Dog walking is the new hot trend in the pet industry:

Walking your dog is fundamental to your pet's well being, and pet owners will take their dogs out for as many walks as they can, however, due to the hectic lifestyle most of us live, we often hire a person or a company to do the dog walking for us.
Dog walking companies and individuals offering dog walks have grown exponentially over the last few years.

Dog walkers are no longer offering walking only: the term "dog walker" now also includes dog running, dog bicycling, dog day trips, and one day excursions. Many dog walking companies will come with a vehicle to pick up your dog, and then drive your dog with other dogs to the designated walking area, which is usually a large park, the beach or a mountain.

The dog walker, referring to an individual dog walker, is usually a one person show. Setting up a dog walking company is one of the easiest and most profitable pet services available.

The dog walker will pick your dog up from your home and bring him back at the end of the walk.

Dog walker rates will vary from one dog walking company to the other, but usually the best rates are offered by individual dog walkers, who have less over head than the dog walking companies.

Featured Long Island & Catskill Region NY USA puppy classes & dog training company:

Happy Paws K-9 Academy
Training a puppy or a dog is not just about them. In our approach to good canine behavior we not only teach the puppy or dog what is acceptable and not acceptable behavior but we also teach you how your dog perceives what you want.  We will show you how to modify your behavior to get the results you desire.  There are many things that affect your dog's perception such as your body posture, timing, the tone of your voice, and your attitude just to name a few.  We use lots of affection and praise in our techniques.  Unlike many trainers, who take a one-size-fits-all approach to dog training, we believe that there is no one right way to train, but rather, the training method must fit the individual dog and the dog's needs, as well as the handlers capabilities. There are many different training methods out there and in time you will have a well-trained dog; however, why should you spend two years getting the same results we can get you in a few weeks. We have many training packages to suit your needs and one of them will even guarantee off-leash control.  We are located in Long Island & Catskill Region NY USA.

Featured NYC New York NY USA K9 Equipment Webstore:

NYC New York NY USA K9 Equipment Webstore
A wide variety of muzzles, harnesses, collars, toys, bite suits etc. for different dog breeds & for different purposes. Ordinary walks, traveling, training, agitation and other types of activity will become even more pleasant things for you and your dog. K-9 protection dog muzzles, K9 security dog collars, K9 guard dog harnesses, K-9 bite tugs & toys, K9 personal protection dog leashes/leads, K9 pinch/prong collars, K-9 obedience & protection training bite sleeves, canine supplies, canine dog training equipment.

Featured Indianapolis Indiana USA K9 Obedience & Personal Protection Dogs Training Company:

Milliner K9 Be Safe
Our personal protection dogs & guard dogs are ran through intensive obedience, on off leash. Obedience includes: heel, sit, sit stay down, down stay, come on command, stand stay, place, no, free dog , sit stay at the car door, before given the command to kennell up. Also, sit stay at the door, before entering or leaving your home .You must have a solid foundation of obedience and control before entering any kind of protection work, this traning also includes hand signals, and commands in English & German.

All of our personal protection dogs & guard dogs are ran through many different phases of training. Our protection dogs & security dogs are very sociable & pet friendly, and family oriented. We do have the contacts if you choose to have a German Shepherd imported from Germany, or we have dogs in the U.S with champion German bloodlines. All these dogs come with papers and a gaurantee.
  • Basic obedience training on leash $250
  • Advanced obedience training on off leash & hand signals $450
  • Private one on one home classes $50/hour
  • Commands done in English or German
  • Article search training
  • Tracking
  • Personal protection phase #1: family protection; A personal protection dog is trained to alert his owners to a threat or break in and show aggression on command plus hand signals and basic obedience $1,200
  • Personal protection training phase #2: The protection dog will alert it's owners to a threat or break in and is trained to pursue and subdue the intruder.  This includes release on command and call off. On leash obedience is included $3,500
  • Personal protection dog training phase #3: Man stopper training. The protection dog will alert to a threat or an intruder in your home or business, and subdue the intruder!  After this kind of personal protection training the dog will give his life to protect the handler!  Includes obedience on and off leash & hand signals $4,500
  • Now available German Shepherds, pups, imports, trained Shepherds all working quality.

Featured London England UK dog walker company:

The Urban Dog Walker
A professional North London dog walking service that provides you with the safe knowledge your much loved dogs are being exercised and cared for during walks. My emphasis is on play, exploration, good behaviour and socialisation which will have your dogs sleeping in their beds for the rest of the day. As a North London dog walker I operate in the areas of Highgate, Muswell Hill, East Finchley, Hornsey and Crouch End. I only walk small groups of dogs, no more than five at a time, as I believe that it is important to be able to give them the individual attention that they need. Dog walks take place in the many beautiful green spaces of North London including Highgate Woods, Hampstead Heath, Queens Woods, Alexandra Park and Trent Park.  Walks can be arranged on a daily or ad-hoc basis and with more and more people working longer hours my dog walking service takes away the stress of leaving your dog at home alone.  I also offer a 'let out' service for those that simply require their dogs to be let out into the garden or fed. I am fully insured and police checked and these documents can be viewed at the free consultation.

Featured LA Los Angeles CA USA Pet Boutique:

pet supplies - pet beds - pet cloths
Puppy Circle is a Chino Hills California pet boutique with a unique collection of beautiful and practical cloths for dogs and pets.  You will also find dog beds, pet cloths, collars and toys, this is definitely the place for pet haute couture.

Featured Vancouver BC Canada Dog Taxi:

dog taxi - dog walking - dog daycare- dog boarding
Dog Taxi Vancouver is an alternative to conventional kenneling and is intended to provide a top-notch home-to-home dog sitting resource, for owners who are only interested in the best for their dog. The amount of exercise your dog gets will be closely monitored and will be not less than three hours per day; including three separate walks.

We provide: Outdoor dog obedience training, Search and rescue, Dog taxi services, Dog borading (dog daycare, dog hotel) and Dog Walking and Training.

Featured Dallas Texas USA Dog Rescue Foundation:

American Dog Rescue Foundation
Arthur Benjamin, founder of American Dog Rescue Foundation, is passionate about animal welfare – locally, nationally and globally. He is equally passionate about nurturing the involvement of others, as individuals or through the support of accredited nonprofits that use the highest percentage of funds to effect substantive rescue and advocacy outcomes. To that end, his own foundation – American Dog Rescue Foundation – is an all-volunteer organization for which Arthur underwrites administrative costs. That means 100% of ADR proceeds go to animal welfare and projects to save and protect animals.

Featured Den Haag The Hague The Netherlands dog walkers:

We are Vittoria & Enrico in Den Haag The Hague The Netherlands . How did we become dog walkers? We are dog behavior students, we have a huge passion for pets, dogs & puppies. Dogs evolved from ancient wolves. Thanks to dogs, humans ,could evolve themself as much as dogs did with human cooperation. For example: wolves actually can't bark. This is an "exclusive" dog behavior that has been developed by these wonderful animals just to help us hunting, guarding, working and paying attention to them. This means that we are strictly connected to each other. A dog's communication is based to maintain calm and to avoid conflict in the "pack". These packs are proper families; for example "alpha" dog doesn't eat first every time, he/she uses positive reinforcement avoiding the negative one. We are the genetical leaders of these great creatures, the only thing we need is to observe, understand and use dog language (basically body language) with a lot of LOVE and RESPECT.  A good dog trainer knows dog's PSYCHOLOGY!  Dogs are powerful animals. They requires a lot of exercise and positive reinforcement discipline. We really would love to walk your dog or puppy because we LOVE pets & everything that turns around their world : training, breeds, behavior, environment, veterinarian and health care, communication, fitness, etc. Besides being dog walkers, we are also dog trainers and pet groomers.

Featured Hammond Ottawa ON Canada Cane Corso breeders - Cane Corso puppies for sale - Cane Corso dogs for sale:

Capital Cane Corso
We have been involved with the Cane Corso breed for 10 years and are extremely dedicated to the beautiful, intelligent and strong Cane Corso. All of our dogs are raised in our home as part of our family. Our objective is to have a small but selective and prestigious kennel with the breed's best interest at the heart of the program. We breed for Temperament, Intelligence, Health, Conformation and Work ability.  All of our Cane Corso dogs for sale are ICCF and AKC registered, puppies come with a 24 month health guarantee and lifetime breeder support. Our Cane Corso puppies are all properly introduced to as many possible everyday situations on a regular basis throughout their development to ensure our part in their development into stable loving dogs.


Featured Cane Corso puppies for sale:

Dolly is a beautiful 11 week old female out of our July 4 2012 litter between Scandifio's Multi CH Gabanna & Scandifio's Tig Matik. Dolly the Cane Corso puppy has an incredible temperament, she is a real sweetheart and will make a great addition to any home. She comes with a 2 year health guarantee, ears cropped, tail docked, up to date on her shots and ICCF registered. Dolly is available for $2250 Capital Cane Corso

cane-corso-guard-dogs-for-sale Prada is a beautiful 8 month old Cane Corso puppy for sale 90+lb fawn female available. Prada is a very smart, loving and energetic dog, she would make a great addition to any active home! Prada is out of incedible champion lines, she has some very impressive dogs in her pedigree! She comes with a 2 year health guarantee, ears cropped, tail docked, up to date on all of her shots and ICCF registered. Prada is available for $3500, she has completed her Basic Obedience training through Trillium K-9 Training and is ready to go home today!

Yaletown Pet Hospital
893 Expo Blvd, Vancouver, BC Canada
Over the past few years Yaletown has become an exciting and vibrant neighborhood, with growth continuing at a fast pace. Along with the influx of humans, a highly visible dog population has developed, with an unseen number of cats and small exotic pets living indoors. Yaletown Pet Hospital is pleased to provide veterinary services to meet the needs of this great neighborhood. We offer full veterinary care for Canines, Doggies, Pets and Puppies, including Wellness Exams, Dog Dental Health Care, on-site Digital X-rays for pets, Surgery, Diagnostics, Western and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Laser Therapy and Homeopathy.

Featured BC Canada Pet Friendly Hotels:

Accent Inns Pet Friendly Hotels
We know your pet is part of the family, we don't expcet you to leave your dog or cat at home when you travel. We have designated pet friendly rooms with towels, dog treats and small bags for… whatever. $1 from every pet fee collected is donated back to the BCSPCA. Not every pet has it as good as yours.

Featured Hammond Ottawa ON Canada pet grooming salon & spa:

Dalice's Paw Spa
Home based dog grooming salon
Give your pet a luxurious bath & blow dry using Tropiclean puppy shampoos and conditoners, nail clipping, ear cleaning & plucking, a trim in front of the eyes, a sanitary trim, and shave the pads and round the paws. Your dog will love you for it!

Featured South Bend Indiana USA dog sports apparel company:

Lucky Dog Threads
We want your dog to feel Lucky by offering top quality officially licensed MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, NASCAR & Collegiate dog sports apparel! We offer dog jerseys, dog bowls, dog sports collars, dog leashes, dog bandanas, dog tees, dog sweaters, dog toys & much more all related to your favorite team!

If you really love your dog, get a dog ID tag!

Pet ID tag: If your dog is micro-chiped and/or tattooed, chances are you will get your dog back if he is lost.  But having a dog tag means you will be RAPIDLY reunited with your dog.  Of course, if your dog does not have a micro chip or a tattoo, you may never see your dog again without a dog ID tag.

Featured Houston TX USA American blue bully pitbull puppies for sale:

King Bone Kennels  
King Bone Kennels are breeders of the American blue bully pitbull puppies for sale and all of our pitbull puppies are UKC registered UBKC registered. We carry several bloodlines consisting of razors edge and gottiline with colors of blue, blue fawn, red, champayne, and purple tri color pitbull puppies for sale. 
As top bully pit bulls breeders, we strive to produce extreme massive bones, huge head pieces, thick and wide chest, wide rear ends, short muzzles, incredible drive, and grand champion conformations. Our pitbull puppies are all fun loving with family oriented temperments. Our main bloodlines consist of razors edge, gottiline, camelot, purple tri colored lines, and a host of other grand champion correct conformation lines. Even though we do not breed for color, we produce some of the most rarest bullies around the world consisting of blue, blue tri-colored, purple tri colored, blue fawn tri colored, red fawn, red, and purple pitbulls. All of our bully puppies for sale have generations of purple ribbon within. We as professional breeders only do a maximum of 5 to 6 breedings a year due to the fact that every breeding is stratigically and selectively planned.

Featured Boston MA USA pet grooming equipment:

StayDri Pet Wash
StayDri Pet Wash is the ideal pet grooming equipment for pet owners as well as professional handlers, pet groomers, and veterinarians. The flexible enclosure keeps pets safely in place, while the mildew-resistant clear plastic barrier keeps you dry!

Featured Melbourne Victoria Australia In Home Dog Training & Dog Behaviour Modification:

"Take A Paws"
Take A Paws Dog Training
We will address any issues you may have with one or more dogs in your home: Barking-Digging-Chewing-Jumping-Pulling-Walking-Lunging-Fixations-Obsessions-Dog Aggression-People Aggression-Feeding problems-Separation Issues-Puppy Training-Preparing for baby's arrival-Preparing you and your home for a new puppy. To start your dog or puppy of any age on the right path or correct any behaviour issues, we can take care of all your dog training needs. We come to you! Professional personal one on one mobile dog training at home.

Featured Honolulu HI USA company: Moving Dogs to Hawaii

Island Pet Movers      PO Box 201382 Honolulu, Hawaii, 96820 USA
Kari Mendoza     808-783-8419
Welcome to Island Pet Movers – Looking to relocate your Pet to or from Hawaii? We Ship Pets! Quarantine processing, pet relocation service in Hawaii.

Featured Scranton PA USA homemade dog treats & cakes:

Lacey's Barkery
Dog bakery sells healthy homemade human grade oven baked grain dog treats also makes dehydrated gluten free and grain free dog treats, cookies, biscuits, training treats and dog birthday cakes. The treats and cakes are 100% safe, healthy, and made with love straight from our kitchen, made in Scranton PA USA.

Featured Milwaukee WI USA Pitbulls for sale:

Founded in 2003 in Milwaukee WI USA SteelHeadPits emerged from the top American Pitbull Terrier bloodlines in the world. After searching the country, researching the pedigrees of thousands of American pitbull terriers for our foundation blood, we decided on the Greyline, Razors Edge and Goodfellas lines. By selectively breeding or out-crossing these lines, we created a one-of-a-kind animal with a pedigree that can never be duplicated. Each bloodline contributed unique traits to ensure that when you choose a SteelHeadPit, you get much more than a dog.  SteelHeadPits exhibit unparalleled athleticism, with muscle mass and bone structure to match. A SteelHeadPit is an even tempered , family dog that keenly exhibits protective qualities when needed.  A SteelHeadPit is a true bully; a best friend. Steelheadpits produces quality dogs for quality homes, our dogs are our family so we take pride in everything we produce . Steelhead kennels has grown in the past years to more than just one yard, so its a family affair when it comes to these dogs. We continue to grow yearly with a quality slective breeding program that will only bring top of the line pitbulls terriers and American Bullies . All of our dogs are UKC ( United Kennel club) Registered and now we also register our dogs with the ABKC ( Ameican Bully Kennel Club).

Featured Security Dog K9 German Shepherd Guard Dog For Sale:

Vanja is a 6 years old German Shepherd guard dog highly trained security dog.  Vanja has received hundreds of hours of basic obedience training. She is proficient in agility and tracking. She is excellent in her clear head for protection work and guard dog duties. She will maintain her control & focus.  Additionally she can be deployed to defend her handler without any hesitation.  She is the best personal protection dog you will ever find.
Even though Vanja is a guard dog suitable for protection & security work, she would be an excellent pet for the right home.

Featured NYC New York NY USA pet ramps & steps:

Puppy Stairs
Safe, durable, fun! The original Puppy Stairs pet ramps and steps, built to last the lifetime of your dog or cat.

Featured Falling Waters Washington DC USA Dog Boarding Company, Puppy Obedience Classes & Dog Trainers:

Campbell's Canine Camp
Qualified, experienced instructors offering Dog Training Camps, E-Collar Training, Puppy Preschool and Evaluations. We also offer Dog Boarding and a Shuttle Service. 

Featured Fort Worth TX USA Pitbull Breeder, Pitbulls & Pitbull Puppies For Sale:

Raising Cain Kennels XXL Red Nose Pitbulls
Michelle Gross    940.224.5782    Crowley, Texas 76036 USA
We are a small family owned Pitbull Kennels located in Northern TEXAS. We produce some of the Best XXL Red Nose Red & Chocolate Pitbulls and Pitbull Puppies for sale around! RCK Pitbulls are Big, Thick and Wide!!! We specialize in extremely intelligent Red Nose Pitbulls with XXL size, superior structure, thick bodies, wide chests and most importantly a solid temperament!!! We like our Pitbulls BIG, THICK and WIDE 'RCK' Style!! We take great pride in raising, training and socializing our XXL Red Nose Pitbulls and Pitbull Puppies from the very start. All of our Red Nose Red and Chocolate Pitbulls for sale and Pitbull Puppies for sale have been home raised with children and Temperament Tested. RCK Pitbulls are great for home protection, family companions, working, sport or just man's best friend. We breed only the Best Red Nose XXL Pitbulls to the Best Red Nose XXL Pitbulls possible! Which ever you're looking for we are sure to have a great RCK XXL Red Nose Pitbull Pitbull Puppy for you!

Featured Fort Worth TX USA All Natural Dog Food, Puppy Food & Pet Nutrition

Earth Naturals Pet Food 
All love. All natural. Earth Naturals. As a member of the family, naturally we want our pets to have the highest quality pet food. Earth Naturals provides just that. Earth Naturals Ultra Premium Dog Food and Ultra Premium Cat Food is specially formulated for those whose dogs or cats are more than "pets". As members of the family, they are deeply loved companions that deserve natural, carefully prepared food free from toxins and by-products that do more harm than good. There is something special, something hearty, in every bowl of our Ultra Premium Dog Food and our Ultra Premium Cat Food. We're proud to say Earth Naturals produces natural dog food and natural cat food whose ingredients are sourced from within the United States.

Featured San Diego CA USA Puppy & Dog Trainers, Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Company:

Yogi Pups & Purrs Dog Training 
3745 Bancroft Street, San Diego, California 92104 USA
Yogi Pups & Purrs is a Dog Training, Dog Walking & Running and Pet Sitting Service. We at Yogi Pups & Purrs also believe that every living thing has a soul and deserves consideration, your dog or cat included. We know how hard it is to maintain tranquility in our fast-paced world and that is why we are here. As a Yogi utilizes Prana to maintain inner tranquility, we use positive reinforcement training techniques to maintain a healthy relationship and good communication between you and your four-legged friend. Positive Reinforcement: Modern training techniques no longer accept the out-dated notion that punishment and humiliation produce desirable results. And neither do we. Instead of focusing on your dog's bad habits, we encourage what your dog is doing right, fostering trust and goodwill. In the long run, this strengthens the bond you share and makes the learning process an adventure, which rewards you both. Positive reinforcement techniques will produce right results with any dog, regardless of age or temperament. At Yogi Pups & Purrs, we believe that good leadership is about partnership and love. Yogi Pups & Purrs offers: Basic manners training (sit, down, stay, come, leave-it, drop-it, go to your place, etc) - Behavior modification (jumping, excessive barking, nipping, housetraining, aggression, etc)- Leash training (addresses pulling or leash aggression) - Daily walks (or runs) for dogs - Home visits for puppies, cats, birds, fishes, or horses - Overnight pet sitting (dog, cat, bird, etc) - Newsletter, Blog - Pet portraits - Yogi dog massage. We serve the greater city of San Diego, CA, USA

Featured Yaletown Vancouver BC Canada Pet Nutriton, Dog Food, Pet Food & Toys for Pets, Puppies & Dogs Supplier:

Bosley’s Yaletown
Welcome to Yaletown’s newest puppy, doggy & pet store! Here at Bosley’s Yaletown we are dedicated to providing the best customer service available! We not only wish to make you smile and happy, but your pets as well. Together, as a community supporter and partner, we provide opportunities for fund raising, adoption of animals with the SPCA and other organizations, in addition to teaching our valued customers about the best products for their beloved pets. We continue to educate ourselves all year long, to be knowledgeable and strengthen the trust with our clientele. We look forward to seeing you and thanks for making Bosley’s Yaletown your preferred one stop doggy, puppy & pet store.

Featured Calgary AB Canada Great Danes Puppy & Dog Breeder, Great Dane Puppies For Sale:

Quicksilver Danes, home of the blues
Sylvia Haavisto 403-408-9963
Box 2 Site 4 R.R. #1, Millarville, Calgary, Alberta T0L 1K0 Canada
Calgary AB Quicksilver Danes breeder of Quality Blue Great Danes, Canadian Champions, 10+ years experience, member of the Great Dane Club of Canada, all health tests done, show and pet puppies available to approved homes, lifetime support.

Featured Milwaukee WI USA Pet, Puppy & Dog service:

Dog Breed Selector
Our Best Dog For Me eBook will help you find a dog that might be the perfect dog for you, through our dog quiz, dog answers chapter and finally our dog breed selector section. There are so many good dog breeds, if after reading our eBook you do not find the best dog breed, then you will have found one that will be very compatible to your lifestyle, and everything you hoped for in a canine.

Featured Vancouver BC Canada Dog Boarding, Doggy Daycare, Dog Trainer & Puppy Training Company:

Pack Leader Obedience
Group and private classes.  Dog Handler classes for daycare attendants! Well established since 2005 for all working professionals. Services include puppy, pet & dog daycare, boarding and dog obedience training.  We are conveniently located about 10 minutes from the Portman Bridge or the Alex Fraser Bridge, and only minutes from the Patullo Bridge.  We use positive reinforcement and have consistent calm, assertive pack leadership in a fun and healthy outdoor environment.  We have a large indoor doggy lounge with all the comforts, including toys for sharing and mental stimulation.  Etiquette and manners are taught and obedience is reinforced in your dog, so your training doesn't go to waste. Exercise, healthy treats, and games are daily, including a nap!  Our hours are from 6am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. We offer a flexible schedule for those who work in the service industry.  We also offer a discount for rescue dogs.

Featured Pet Nutriton, Raw Pet Food & Raw Dog Food Supplier in Vancouver BC Canada:

"The way nature intended your pet to eat"
3P Naturals Raw Pet Food
Debbie Benson  (604) 251-5606
1924 Franklin Street, Vancouver, BC V5L 1R2 Canada
3P Naturals provides superior raw pet food products for dogs and cats backed up by competent and dedicated customer service. We produce products that incorporate only the finest ingredients and that meet or exceed strict quality standards and production control procedures. Our products help dogs and cats enjoy happier, healthier and longer lives which in turn enriches the lives of pet owners.

Featured Vancouver BC Canada Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Company:

Argos Pet Services  
At Argos Pet Services we believe that each animal is an individual with unique needs and personality quirks. We strive to discover and meet the needs of each puppy, dog or pet entrusted to us and to provide a secure, fun environment in which to do so. Chloe Moore (owner) is certified in Pet First Aid and has more than 6 years of dog, puppy & pet care experience, so you can know that your little ones are in good hands. We offer group Adventure Hikes and private Neighborhood Walks for dogs, as well as puppy visits, horse services and pet sitting for dogs, puppies, cats and small animals.

Featured Vancouver BC Canada German Shepherd dog trained in obedience & personal protection:


Anja is a highly intelligent 8 year old German Shepherd,  trained in obedience and personal protection.

She is a very fast swimmer, and runs like the wind.  Her biggest pleasure in life is to chase the ball, and bring it back for a repeat.

We enjoy walking on the seawall, swimming in Buntzen lake and hiking on the North shore mountains.

See here for more info about Obedience & Personal Protection

Featured K9 Security, Protection & Guard Dogs Obedience & Training Company:


Western K9 Security was founded by Werner and Janet Hader to fill the void in the demand for reliable canine detection and patrol services. As owner/operators of Obedience Plus Dog Training Centre, they were already working with many different security companies to train dogs and handlers in this growing industry.

Since 1999, Werner and Janet have focused on working with dogs for security patrol as well as explosives detection and narcotics detection. Many of their canines are continuously being utilized in Vancouver today. Since 2001 they have been servicing several cruise lines with their Explosives Detection Dogs.

Western K9 Security has taken over the security canine handling division of Obedience Plus to allow for Obedience Plus to focus specifically on training. The training center is one of the largest specializing in canine security. It is the ONLY private company in British Columbia licensed with Federal Resources Canada and Health Canada to use REAL substances in training. This provides more accurate detection results than using just pseudo scents or scent pads.

Western K9 Security carefully evaluates the canines and handlers that boast their name. The canines are thoroughly tested to ensure they are highly motivated to work and provide accurate results, while their handlers are professionally licensed and skilled security personnel. All detection and patrol teams participate in ongoing weekly maintenance training to ensure they are always at their best.

Werner and Janet Hader have a strong passion for their work and believe in providing the highest level of canine services. Please feel free to ask for them by name to explain further about Western K9 Security Services or to provide a demonstration.

Safety Alert For Dogs, Puppies & Dog Walkers Worldwide!

dogs-for-sale-puppies-for-sale   Blair Sorrel   212-877-2104
242 Columbus Avenue, New York, New York 10023 USA
Online tool to reduce a dog/walker's risk of outdoor shock or electrocution.

Vehicle Seat Covers For Dogs, Pets & Puppies:

Soggy Dog Manufacturing
Burnaby, Vancouver, BC, Canada    604.833.4907 
Water, sand, hair and odor repellent vehicle seat covers for dogs, pets & puppies.  Seconds to install and remove.  Sand and hair shakes off.  Toss in the wash.  No more washer/dryer full of dog hair.  Light weight, durable fabric.  Dog's nails will not shred or snag fabric.  Save your vehicle interior.

Masterful photographic portraits of your puppy, dog or pet:

PPP-Photography   Petra Mayer   604 681 4779
306-456 Moberly Road, Vancouver, BC, V5Z 4L7 Canada
PPP-Photography is your one stop pet photography service based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Photographer Petra Mayer creates masterful photographic portraits of your puppy, dog, cat, horse, rabbit or any other pet in your home, the outdoors or in a photo studio setting.

Featured Vancouver BC Canada Pets, Dogs & Puppies Groomer:

Unleashed Dog Spa     604-736-2275
3780 Oak Street, Vancouver, BC V6H 2M3 Canada
We are a full service puppies, dogs & pets grooming shop.

Featured Edmonton AB Canada Dog & Puppy Training Company:


Sherwood Barks specializes in Puppy Obedience & Socialization Classes, Behavioral Consults and Agility Classes (all levels). All classes are presented in a Fun Learning atmosphere focussing on a positive learning experience for dog and Handler.  'Positive Dog Training at Its Best'

Sherwood Barks Dog Training & Agility specializes in Positive Puppy & Agility Training. Sherwood Barks Puppy Obedience & Socialization classes offer a fun learning environment for the puppy and handler. All classes are presented in a ‘solution focused’ training environment. Puppy class training focuses on rewarding positive behaviors offered by the puppies.
Puppy Level 1 Class Content:
1. Recalls – out of Play Breaks during class.
2. Socialization – builds confidence in Play with different breeds & sizes of puppies
3. Manners – a calm quiet sitting puppy earns his rewards
4. Obedience – ‘one command = a rapid response’ Every command is followed by a release.
5. Behavioral consults… re: typical puppy problems, ie. Jumping up, nipping, biting,
6. Loose leash walking – no corrective methods such as, choke or pinch collars are permitted in any Sherwood Barks class
The evolution of Dog Training: Dogs are NOT WOLVES…. They are canines which have been domesticated for years, they are social, they understand and thrive with structure, routine, consistency and lots of positive re-enforcement. They learn easily to respect their humans when the humans learn how to communicate clearly with the dog. The dog needs to be taught what the expectations are of living happily in the human world.
Gone are the days of ‘correcting our children’ and punishing them by physical force. This same awareness of positive parenting is a philosophy that holds true in training a new puppy. Children learn best in a positive happy family with clear rules and boundaries. Puppies also thrive when they know what is expected of them and they are rewarded for their good behavior. Negativity, whining, jumping up are largely ignored or the puppy/dog is given a brief time out. Unwanted behaviors will stop with no reward, ie eye-contact, words, or rapid body movements inadvertently given to re-enforcement behaviors.

Dog Training has many different objectives: creating a great family pet, basic obedience training, specialized areas including law enforcement, military, search and rescue, agility, hunting, working with livestock, assistance to people with disabilities, entertainment, dog sports, detection dogs and protecting people or property.

Searching for a Dog Training School? Do your homework!! Call and talk with the trainer? Ask questions? Do they use harsh techniques? Do they use positive methods, Is the training reward based? Do they use the clicker? What is clicker training? Are the puppies/dogs allowed to socialize? How long has the trainer been training? What is the background of the trainer?
? Will you be told to use harsh corrections on your puppy, ie jerking the dog with a choke collar? Is that a training style you want to use with your young puppy?
Training Choices:
1. Traditional trainers: Typicall encourage the use of punishment, often physically painful punishment, in order to correct dogs.
2.Dominance trainers: Believe all animals have an innate desire to dominate others, and this dominating behavior needs to be punished. Pack Leader Trainers follow this training methodology.
3. Positive Trainers: use the operant conditioning model…. Operant Conditioning is a proven training methodology which focuses on the positive and creates a happy, focused, obedient puppy. It has been proven that is rewarded behavior will be repeated more frequently and become part of the dog’s foundation. (Pavlov’s theory). The dog/puppy is required to ‘think’ and offer the correct behavior. Correct behavior, ie. Sit is reward AFTER the dog offers it.
4. Luring Trainers: This training method is often confused with positive dog training. Steps in Lure Training
1. The food reward is shown first and used as a lure to get a wanted behaviour, ie.sit.
2. Next the dog is given a verbal command.
3. The command is often repeated several times.
4. Reward is given after the behavior is given.

The difference is mostly in the scale, as positive trainers tend to employ more reward based principles first, while traditional and dominance trainers are more likely to punish unwanted behaviors first.

Puppies should attend puppy socialization classes as soon as they have completed their second set of vaccinations, around 3 months. The sooner the better.
In-home Puppy consultations are often a good choice. It is very important that the puppy understands from day one what is expected of him/her. Potty training, doorway training, crate training, automatic sit & recall training, and manners should begin as soon as the puppy joins his/her new human family. Always, ‘THINK BIG’ ask yourself the question…. “Will, I think it is cute when the puppy is big…ie, jumping up! Barking?”

Featured Vancouver BC Canada Veterinary Hospital:

Canada West Veterinary Hospital Specialists
Canada West Veterinary Hospital Specialists is a dedicated referral center with expertise in core disciplines. We work as an extension of your family veterinarian to provide second opinions or specialized care. Our team of veterinarian specialists and support staff work together to facilitate the best possible outcome for each patient entrusted in our care by the referring veterinarians and our patients’ families.

Our veterinary hospital is staffed with experienced doctors and technicians 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We accept all referrals and strive to provide a high level of care for our patients, our clients and our referring veterinarians. We have access to extensive technology (on-site CT imaging, MRI and the ability to place pacemakers, to name a few), but our strength lies with the clinical expertise and diagnostic knowledge of our veterinary specialists as well as the dedication and experience of our hospitalists and support staff.

Featured Puppy Daycare, Pet Boarding & Dog Walking Company in Vancouver BC Canada:

Biscuits Pet Services
Biscuits is a loving, safe and fun pet service provider in Vancouver. We offer some great services for your dog and cat. Our EcoDen Doggy Daycare is open Monday through Friday and is also our meeting point for training classes and other great events. At the EcoDen you will also find some great local pet products in our ethical pet shop. We also offer adventure hikes and overnight boarding for our canine pals. For our kitty friends we also offer home visits for cat sitting.

Featured Doggie Dental Cleaning Company:

SparkleBark   Roz Rickard   604.943.0113
Delta, Richmond, Vancouver BC Canada
At Sparkle Bark your dog will be treated with kindness, patience and respect, no sedation used.  We schedule 2 full hours so we can take our time with your dog, give breaks and not PUSH to 'get it done'.  We are dog lovers too, and our interest is extending the life of your doggie through a healthy mouth ( swallowed bacteria WILL damage internal organs and shorten your dogs quality of life and life expectancy). 3 locations to suit, Roz spent many years in 'people' dentistry and so your dog will not just get the best and most thorough cleaning around, but we aim to check teeth and gums for further issues.  Roz will also give you tips on maintaining your doggies teeth after the appointment and until thier next visit!  We take your trust seriously !